World Cup Is 200 Ounces Of Gold Worth $186,000 – 30% Less Than Harry Kane’s Weekly Wage

July 11, 2018

World Cup weighs nearly 200 ounces (6.17 kilos) and is 18 Karat or 75% pure gold
– World Cup’s value is just £140,000 at today’s depressed prices
– 30% less than England’s Harry Kane’s weekly wage of £200,000
– World Cup fever takes over England ahead of semi-final tonight

– World Cup’s true value is priceless to players and nations

The World Cup is worth at today’s gold prices a measly £140,000 (around $186,200 or €160,000) which interestingly enough is 30% less than England’s soccer star Harry Kane who is paid £200,000 in wages every single week.

The World Cup trophy itself is legendary. Many fans don’t know if it is gold plated or pure 24 karat gold? How much does it weigh and what is its worth in gold?

The World Cup weighs 6.177 kilogrammes which is equal to 198.6 troy ounces as 1 kilogramme is equal to 32.15 troy ounces . One troy ounce of investment grade gold which is 24 karat or 0.9999 pure is worth USD 1,250, EUR 1,067 and GBP 944 at today’s prices.

Interestingly, this time four years ago, gold was trading at USD 1,245, EUR 914.45 and GBP 742.69 per ounce. So gold remains at similar prices in dollar terms but has seen gains in euros and pounds. Gold has retained its purchasing power and acted as a hedge against the declining value of the pound and the euro.

The current World Cup, commissioned in 1974, stands 36.8 centimeters high, weighs 6.177 kilogrammes or 198.6 troy ounces and is made of solid 18 karat gold.

The World Cup is one of the oldest international sporting competitions in the world, established in 1930 and remains one of the most popular sporting competitions in the world. Over 3 billion people are expected to watch at least one minute of the tournament and nearly a billion people are expected to watch at least one minute of the final in Russia.

The trophy for this grand event has changed from the Jules Rimet Trophy (originally named Victory) from 1930 to 1970, to the ‘FIFA World Cup Trophy’ from 1974 to the present day, but the fans enthusiasm whether you call it football or soccer, remains at fever pitch.

The original trophy was an amalgamation of gold plated sterling silver and a deep blue colored semi precious stone. Unfortunately, this ornate object was stolen in 1983 and there has been no sighting of it since.

Today’s winners of The World Cup only receive a replica of the trophy, which is just gold plated rather than the actual solid 18 karat gold trophy.

The present World Cup’s “crown’s” design is by Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga, chosen from among fifty-three submissions by sculptors in seven countries.  The name of the country whose national team wins each tournament is engraved on the bottom side of the trophy.

So while the World Cup is worth less than many star players weekly wage, it’s true value is priceless to the players and nations that win it.

Best of luck to England and Croatia today! We wish England well in ‘Bringing football home’ !


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