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If gold shares leverage gold, why are $XAU and $HUI below their triple tops? Worry about gold being overbought? Is this bullish or bearish? Probably bullish for gold in longer term, but in short term gold could pull back before it breaks...
I just read an article written by Cliff Droke, who appears to be expecting an end to the "micro mini" recession because M3 is growing. Below is a table showing the movement of M3 relative to GDP from 1982 to 2003:
John Mauldin just emailed a brilliant article entitled "Quarterly Review and Outlook, Third Quarter 2004", By Van R. Hoisington and Lacy H. Hunt, Ph.D. (Thank you John - John is looking for a Muddle...
Summary and Conclusions
Constituent companies of the Dow Jones Transportation Index are in the business of:
The two "formal" techniques used by Stock Market Investment Analysts are:
We are entering a period that will require nerves of steel for investors to weather. The technical evidence is mounting that prices are behaving contrary to expectations (if you are a rational investor) or strangely (if you have a tendency...
I have recently been asking myself the question: "What is the proportion of the silver content of photographic film that is recycled?" My research told me that 80% of it was capable of being recycled, but I had no way of knowing how much...
The charts of the gold price and the gold share indices are showing signs of life, and it is important that we get to the bottom of what this might be implying.
The gold chart below is clearly in a bull trend is bouncing up off rising trendline (Note most recent new high) Unfortunately, this is not "good" news (for the US stock market).
The total world's holdings of gold could be transported by a single solitary oil tanker.

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