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In this video Gary discusses the most recent trends in the Gold Markets.
In this video Gary discusses the markets ahead of the FOMC meeting and that it will be easier for the FED to make hard decisions if the market is moving up leading into the meeting.
A look at gold leading up to the coming FOMC meeting.
In this video Gary Savage discusses the current gold buying opportunities in relation to gold hovering around the $2000 mark and reaching what could be a danger zone where the banking cartel may try to stop the move from testing the all-...
I'm seeing some analysts in the gold market trying to suggest that we're getting a triple top here in gold and that gold is going to collapse very similar to this triple top. I'm going to set your mind at ease today, this is not the case.
One of the concepts that many retail and even hedge fund managers fail to grasp, is the tenancy for easy phases in the market to be followed by difficult phases and difficult phases to be followed by easy phases.
In today's video I'm going to make the argument that the bubble phase in gold may come quicker than what a lot of people are expecting.
In my last update, a few days ago, I thought that the dollar looked like it may have completed an intermediate top, and gold an intermediate bottom. Still a little too early to tell on the dollar, although I think if the FED balks on ...
A look at currencies and correlate how that might relate to metals.
Let's take a look at gold and the stock market. The stock market is going to have a huge effect on all other markets here in the weeks ahead, and I'll explain in a minute, but in my last video, I was looking at Gold and it looked like it...

Gold is the official state mineral of Alaska.

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