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Very rarely do they ring a bell for you at a major bottom...but it might be that we are ringing a bell right now.
We finally have some sign that the dollar might be ready to roll over. The dollar has marginally broken below the daily cycle low, so we're starting a pattern of lower highs and lower lows, and that almost always means that an intermediate...
In today's video, Gary takes a quick look at the long-term chart for gold. People get frustrated and despondent when we're in the declining phase of the 8-year cycle and they convince themselves that gold can never go up and they'll never...
One of the most important things for investors and traders is to keep in mind what the overall larger trend is. In this video, Gary Savage analyzes the trends in stocks and commodities.
A bunch of people are about to make the same mistake again, that they've made over and over and over. Instead of panicking people should have been buying at the bottom.
We've got a pretty convincing rejection from that 200-day moving average.
In this video Gary discusses being very accurate in predicting the bottom of the bloodbath phase, only missing it by 5 days and 15 dollars.
Goldbugs can be irrational when they sell 2 days before the FOMC meeting. They'll sell with gold testing this major support zone here at the 200-week moving average. They'll sell 50-plus days into a daily cycle. Irrational moves that...
Gary looks at the bloodbath phase bottoming and nearing the end in currencies as well as gold and silver. *********
Timing the bottom of the current gold downward phase perfectly is not critical to making a lot of money.

According to the Talmud you should keep one-third of your assets each in land, business interests, and gold.

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