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Kelsey Williams

Analyst, Author, and Owner of Kelsey's Gold Facts

Kelsey Williams has more than forty years experience in the financial services industry, including fourteen years as a full-service financial planner. His website, Kelsey's Gold Facts, contains self-authored articles written for the purpose of educating and informing others about gold within a historical context. In addition to gold, he writes about inflation and the Federal Reserve.


Kelsey Williams is available for private consultations, public speaking, and interviews at [email protected]

Kelsey Williams Articles

The renewed threat of trade tariffs by various presidential candidates is a clear and present danger to free trade and the world economy.
The closing price for spot gold in New York today is $1915. Forty-three years ago, in May 1980, gold was priced at $515. Being somewhat generous, and since gold has been higher (above $2000) recently, we might say that the gold price has...
A recent article (Credit Crunch: The Money Supply Has Shrunk For Eight Months In A Row) by Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute explained clearly the historical significance of the contraction in the money supply that has occurred over the...
Quite a few people are convinced that they know what the Fed will do next, and why. How do they know? Is it really that obvious?
All the talk about BRIC nations proposed issuance of a gold-backed currency, and most of the analysis, misses a key point... The success of any fiat currency, or real money substitute (in other words, anything other than gold itself as the...
GOLD AT $4000? For that to happen will require something almost unbelievable – if you expect gold to be at $4000 anytime soon, that is. The problem with most predictions for higher gold prices is that they fail to account for the financial...
Over 5000 years of recorded history, gold has proven itself to be real money. Gold's value is in its use as money. That value is unquestioned
The latest gold analyses have shifted to a more accommodative nature regarding the yellow metal’s failure to extend its gains after breaking above $2000 for the fourth consecutive year. Here is a chart (source) that depicts what most...
Theoretically, a higher price can indicate an increase in value for a good, a service, a stock, etc. That does not mean that a higher price is always indicative of an increase in value.
The gold market has become a social gathering place for an odd combination of participants. Those participants range from the gullible and the disillusioned to those seeking the next big thing.

A single ounce of gold (about 28 grams) can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles (8 kilometers) long.

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