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Mark Mead Baillie

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Mark Mead Baillie

Mark Mead Baillie has had an extensive business career beginning in banking and financial services for two years with Banque Nationale de Paris to corporate research for three years at Barclays Bank and then for six years as an analyst and corporate lender with Société Générale.
For the last 22 years he has expanded his financial expertise by creating his own financial services company, de Meadville International, which comprehensively follows his BEGOS complex of markets (Bond/Euro/Gold/Oil/S&P) and the trading of the futures therein. He is recognized within the financial community of demonstrating creative technical skills that surpass industry standards toward making highly informed market assessments and his work is featured in Merrill Lynch Wealth Management client presentations.  He has adapted such skills into becoming the popular author each week of the prolific “The Gold Update” and is known in the financial website community as “mmb” and “deMeadville”.
Mr. Baillie holds a BS in Business from the University of Southern California and an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University.

Mark Mead Baillie Articles

Because "all" are talking about them, we're starting with stocks, beginning with this from the "It's Not About Us Dept."
Since this week ending one year ago (on 14 May 2021), we've had: a +9.2% debasive increase to the StateSide "M2" money supply from $20.42 trillion to $22.29 trillion, driven largely over COVID liquidity accommodations, the proceeds thereto...
With reference back to our 02 April missive entitled "Gold Seeks Support as its Trend Flips Short", price this past Monday and Tuesday finally tested the uppermost area of said 1854-1779 critical support zone; Gold then bounced a bit in...
Yes, Gold's price continues its lower grind, (the current Short trend in mind), but 'tis the Fed that's in a REAL bind. StateSide annualized REAL Gross Domestic Product (GDP less Chain Deflator) just shrunk for the third successive quarter...
First Gold: A mere seven days ago we were singing Gold's praises as its price for two consecutive weeks moved higher in bold defiance of the otherwise Short weekly parabolic trend. "Like salmon spawning upstream" we wrote; that was Gold's...
Gold's settling out the abbreviated trading week this past Thursday at 1977 was the yellow metal's second-highest year-to-date weekly close, bettered only by that ending 11 March at 1992.
Obviously the gold line is Gold, the anticipated geo-political spike 'n fade starkly giving it away. But you WestPalmBeachers down there may be stuck as to the other line, the colour of which is green (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge...)
We penned in our prior missive that: "...Gold in the technical vacuum is quite stretched to the upside..." Indeed no sooner was that written then did Gold's weekly parabolic Long trend finally come to its end. Below, per the rightmost red...
Gold having completed its usual geo-political spike and fade finds its trade now more regularly played. The expected daily trading range (EDTR) is swiftly dropping from a war-high of nearly 50 points now to sub-40, and shall further shrink...
Near-term negatives notwithstanding, 'tis fair to finally say that Gold's geo-political spike and anticipated fade have played. Courtesy of the "Turn off the TV and Look at the Data Dept." we'll start with the below year-to-date chart.

In every cubic mile of sea water there is 25 tons of gold

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