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Mark Mead Baillie

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Mark Mead Baillie

Mark Mead Baillie has had an extensive business career beginning in banking and financial services for two years with Banque Nationale de Paris to corporate research for three years at Barclays Bank and then for six years as an analyst and corporate lender with Société Générale.
For the last 22 years he has expanded his financial expertise by creating his own financial services company, de Meadville International, which comprehensively follows his BEGOS complex of markets (Bond/Euro/Gold/Oil/S&P) and the trading of the futures therein. He is recognized within the financial community of demonstrating creative technical skills that surpass industry standards toward making highly informed market assessments and his work is featured in Merrill Lynch Wealth Management client presentations.  He has adapted such skills into becoming the popular author each week of the prolific “The Gold Update” and is known in the financial website community as “mmb” and “deMeadville”.
Mr. Baillie holds a BS in Business from the University of Southern California and an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University.

Mark Mead Baillie Articles

Never was anything of such high intrinsic value so unloved: Gold. Never was anything of such low earnings output so adored: the S&P 500. And as you regular readers well know, the current market levels of Gold (1783) and the S&P (...
Gold just posted its best net weekly gain of the last five, price settling yesterday (Friday) at 1782. 'Course, hardly was the week's gain impressive solely by the mere up blip in the above Gold Scoreboard's evolving price track for this...
Adoring Wednesday's ADP report of suddenly slower growth for July's jobs, Gold's price in turn zoomed up from Tuesday's 1810 low to 1835. Abhorring Friday's Bureau of Labor Statistics report of fervently faster growth for July's jobs, Gold...
Ah, August. In a word, the Oxford English Dictionary defines "august" as "impressive": as has historically been the month of August for Gold. Recall what we penned a week ago: "...with August on the horizon, that month has finished higher...
Parsing our title, Gold is gripping in completing a fourth consecutive up week. Moreover per the above Gold Scoreboard, recent weekly closes [green rectangle] continue to track those of a year ago, indeed so much so that were such pattern...
Let's begin with this from the "History Repeats Itself Dept." by having a look at the above Gold Scoreboard. See what we're seein'? (Hint: 'tis in the Gold Weekly panel...)
As the stock market cavorts in making all-time highs nearly every day, (in turn nullifying our "massive top" notion), we briefly begin with this friendly reminder/query: "Has the S&P crashed yet?"
No sooner had we penned last week's piece ("Gold Drops Exceedingly; Fed Ducks Reality") wherein was written with respect to the Fed... "...That they see two FedFunds rate increases the by end of 2023? How about by the end of this year?..."
Quite the week, that. Best we begin with some "Facts, Hercule, facts!" Gold: Having settled the week exceedingly down 6.2% at 1764, Gold is now priced by the market at but 46% of its currency debasement value (as measured by the StateSide...
As prior penned in "Gold's June Swoon", the technical and seasonal case was laid out for Gold to settle June "nearer to 1800" than to 1900. Thus far, that is the trend, albeit with 13 trading days remaining in June.

The naturally occurring gold-silver alloy is called electrum.

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