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Morris Hubbartt

Precious Metals Analyst

Morris Hubbartt is the creator of proprietary timing models in the Superforce Signals, Superforce 60 Trading Service. He is senior vice president, General Manager and as Co-Owner of a concrete manufacturing company since 1985. He is also sole proprietor of SFS Newsletter Services that specializes in volume analysis of the gold & silver markets. His website is at

Morris Hubbartt Articles

Analyst Hubbart’s Video compares the bullish flag formation of GDX; and compares same to the 3X ETF (NUGT) that mirror’s the price movements. He sees potential for material profits in NUGT if GDX can reach its bull flag price target.
Recently Contributing Editor Morris Hubbartt has been providing his gold and silver market analysis via videos.  Here are his latest videos: US T-Bond Yield Of Horror & H&S Top Charts Gold Double Breakout Chart
Recently Contributing Editor Morris Hubbart has been providing his gold and silver market analysis via videos.  Here are his latest videos: Gold Versus Dow & Gold Doji Event Chart Silver Bull Candle & Silver Versus Gold Chart
Recently, there was a huge distribution day on this US dollar proxy chart. Technically, heavy volume is most ominous, when it comes at the end of a rally.
The US economy is doing well, compared to Europe’s worst performing countries. The most recent jobs numbers growth shows lots of part-time workers.  That’s not going to create a thriving economy.   TLT (T-Bond Proxy) Rally Time Chart    
US T-Bond Breakdown Chart     ·        The Federal Reserve chairman recently talked about reducing QE.  The bond market was looking a little toppy before he spoke, but now it looks like a huge bear market may be starting.
TLT (T-Bond Proxy ETF) Major Top Chart The US bond market has become a poor vehicle for long term investment. Rates are low, and most small investors cannot afford to buy a T-Bond that costs $135,000.
The US market is resilient, and major market tops are built slowly. Distribution volume and the lack of leadership are significant now. The average investor is probably too optimistic at this stage of the market. Better opportunities lie...
Dow Danger Chart •    Most global stock markets are struggling.  Major tops take time to form, and the rollover can be subtle •    The US market has held up quite well, until April.  Now, heavy distribution volume is making an...
China FXI (Stock Market Proxy ETF) Chart   •    China is the world's second largest economy, and the fastest growing major one. They are also the biggest exporter, and the second largest importer.

It is estimated that the total amount of gold mined up to the end of 2011 is approximately 166,000 tonnes.

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