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Stewart Thomson

President of Graceland Investment Management

Stewart Thomson is president of Graceland Investment Management (Cayman) Ltd. Stewart was a very good English literature student, which helped him develop a unique way of communicating his investment ideas.  He developed the “PGEN”, which is a unique capital allocation program. It is designed to allow investors of any size to mimic the action of the banks.  Stewart owns GU Trader, which is a unique gold futures/ETF trading service, which closes out all trades by 5pm each day. High net worth individuals around the world follow Stewart on a daily basis.  Website:

Stewart Thomson Articles

Even the most cynical members of the gold community may be somewhat stunned by the intensity of the American government’s current meddling in the affairs of almost every nation in the world.
Gold investors are in a pretty good mood, and rightly so.  I’ll dare to suggest the mood is about to get even better and here’s why: Mining stocks are poised to deliver the kind of outperformance against the underlying metal that was last...
As Ukraine’s Zelenskyy suggests his government could finally forsake NATO and embrace neutrality, should gold bugs be concerned about a sinking price of gold?
This is a time of war, inflation… and a gold price of $1835? The United States of America is arguably now better termed, “The United Meddlers of America”.
The world’s fiat bugs promised that money printing, debt, and government meddling were the solution to the debt crisis of 2008. They did the same thing with the Corona crisis of 2019-2021, and now they are doing it again with the...
It’s rare that I suggest that gold market investors should engage in “price chasing.” The 1970s were a time to do it.  So was 2009. What about today?  Today, the answer is… yes!
Another awesome day begins, for the world’s gold community. For the fiat community, the day begins in a more disturbing way. It begins with more silly cheerleading for FATCA stormtroopers, more attempts to ignore massive pressures on...
Years ago, when I predicted a “virus cycle carpet bombing” of America for 2019-2021, I warned that it could look like a “peanut play” compared to the 2021-2025 war cycle that would follow.
Relentless rate hikes and QT mean that the destruction of the US stock, bond, and real estate markets is essentially assured.  Interestingly, the big question is not whether these markets will crash or not. 
“If I were the Fed chair, I would have raised rates early in the fall. When we get this broad-based increase and it starts making its way to wages, you’re behind the curve and you need to start moving.” - Ethan Harris, Head of Global...

The average human body contains 0.2 mg of gold with the bone containing .016 ppm and the liver .0004 ppm.

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