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Bear Markets always follow Bull markets and a severe stock market correction is long overdue. Bears Lair will spot, monitor and analyze the stock market correction as it develops.


Last week we got what we had expected - and prepared for - for weeks, an upside resolution of the tight standoff in both gold and silver.

Gold Sentiment Chart

After spending the better part of three months locked in a lateral range, gold finally broke out on August 21st and went on to make a series of follow-through highs.

With gold awakening from its usual summer slumber, traders are getting more excited about its prospects.

Tonight I would like to get you caught up on a few charts of gold I haven’t shown in awhile.

The answer to the above question is no, meaning that "Austrian Economics" makes no prediction about whether the future will be inflationary or deflationary.

One of the top stories in the financial markets in 2012 has to be the stagnation in the price of gold at around $1600 an ounce, which is down approximately 17% from its peak at $1920.30.

With the odds for a new stock bear growing, prudent contrarian investors are looking for bear-resistant destinations for their hard-earned capital.

The year 2012 has been relatively peaceful compared with the past 10 years. The lack of military aggression on the part of the U.S.

There is no question we have a barrel of troubles from the Devil of Inflation to the Deep Blue Sea of Deflation.

It is an endless debate for investors interested in gold.

When does a precious metal known for feeding off investors' fears need the opposite of fear to move higher? Answer: Right now!

With the US stock markets challenging a major multi-year high, investors are feeling pretty complacent these days. But unseen below the placid surface, a serious risk is arising from the depths.

The senior Central Banks choose not to do more damage immediately

In this weekend report I would like to show you some charts that can tells us if we are in a risk off trade, DEFLATION, or risk on trade which would signal INFLATION.

I've taken the last few weekends mostly off and skipped out on the free weekend letter.

Lately investors have been worried about liquidity, specifically the central bank's willingness (or unwillingness) to continue providing it, and with good reason.

There are no certainties in the investment universe. Investors are forced to weigh up the various risks and assess the probabilities involved before committing themselves to a course of action.

Last week we examined the bullish symmetrical triangle pattern in gold and identified the potential breakout points in this time-tested technical indicator.

Ok just to get to the major issue, when 1 out of 4 people are unemployed for a long time, they have to rely on others to survive.

"We have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board.

"The things that will destroy us: Politics without principle, pleasure without conscience, wealth without work, knowledge without work, knowledge without character, business without morality

Gold has been deeply out of favor lately, languishing in its usual summer doldrums. This sentiment wasteland is driving traders to flee wholesale, including the futures players.

Gold's historic run-up from $250 to nearly $2,000 an ounce in the last 10 years has underlined the long-term value and intrinsic worth of a key asset.

Since the start of the global economic recovery in 2009, the status of the U.S. economy has been a perplexing one.

Most would be investors and speculators in the Precious Metals sector at this time look and behave like the raw recruits at the start of the film


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With gold stolen by Conquistador Francisco Pizarro from the Inca Empire in 1532, Spain financed its conquest of Europe.