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January 29, 2000


Four features that can be used to distinguish a bubble, were discussed in Parts 1 and Part 2. These are:

January 28, 2000

A defensive market was the call . . . again for Wednesday action, and we weren't disappointed in the outcome.

January 24, 2000

Stock market action has been particularly choppy and disjointed, not atypical for option expiration week.

January 21, 2000

A little break in the Dow Industrials . .

January 18, 2000

At no other time in history has the supposedly almighty dollar been easier to come by.


Bonds – nearing an intermediate-term low.

January 17, 2000

The gold market has just completed the trough phase of its latest cycle and is due for a rise in the coming days, based on our cycle analysis.

January 14, 2000

A "Coming of Age" . . by the Internet, likely summarizes much of what the Street is fearing now, as suggested immediately here in the wake of the largest "new & old media" merger Monday.

The purpose of this report is to correlate the inter-relationship between Gold, Interest Rates and Commodities.

January 12, 2000

Look out, gold bugs! The attack upon the precious metal is going to escalate. Your metal mettle will be tested.

January 11, 2000

The headline in my January 2000 issue, which is scheduled to go to press this coming Monday is " Enjoying the Party and Getting Home Safely".

1999 was a successful year for the Tocqueville Gold Fund, which produced a return of 20.6% compared to a negative 7.8% for the benchmark Philadelphia Stock Exchange Gold/Silver Index, an outperformance of 28.4%.

January 7, 2000

Snapback behavior could not be sustained . .

The extraordinary two-tiered market we have witnessed for the past three months continues to astound market neophytes and long-time observers alike. We ourselves must confess we've never seen anything quite like this.

January 6, 2000

GENERAL COMMENTS: A decade ago most Russians would have regarded all KGB agents as thugs.

January 5, 2000
January 4, 2000

Today was day 43 in what continues to be an historic period of absolutely destructive speculation.

January 3, 2000

It would seem appropriate for a review, at this, the dawn of a new calendar age.

January 1, 2000

"We learn from history that we do not learn from history."

Dr. Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate in Economics

December 31, 1999

Sector shifting from the NYSE to the NASDAQ market . .

December 30, 1999

The 4th quarter market action was simply amazing. Despite some of the most aggressive valuations in financial history the popular high-tech stocks and indices rose in breathtaking fashion.

The absence of an international monetary order rooted in gold makes the century now ending unique. Professor Robert H. Mundell emphasized this point in accepting the 1999 Nobel Prize in Economics a couple of weeks ago. See R. L.

December 28, 1999

Murphy's Law will be at full strength when the clock strikes midnight on Friday. For the guidance of investors and market-watchers, here are my predictions of the top U.S.

December 24, 1999

Holiday focuses . .

I would like to dedicate my end of the millennium crystal gazing to the Gold-Eagle Forum, its managers and faithful contributors, to Harry Schultz, Frank Veneroso, Bill Murphy, Ted Butler and the many others, who are doing so much to bri

December 23, 1999
December 22, 1999

The manipulation continues unabated. The Dutch central bank has announced it intends to sell 300 tons of its gold reserves over the next five years. Nederlandsche Bank will sell 100 tons initially and then 200 tons over five years.

December 19, 1999

In the 1970's a very courageous gentleman named Edward Durrell claimed that substantially all of the US Gold Reserve being stored at Ft. Knox was gone. Only 1,000 tonnes or so of the 8,500 tonnes supposedly being stored there remained.

December 17, 1999

Huge, almost neurotic, volume and swings . . . are in harmony with our call for Wednesday's action, but belie the underlying nervousness that increasingly is prevailing in the stock markets.

December 14, 1999

Dear Chairman Greenspan and Secretary Summers:

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