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Anonymous Guru, Part - I

May 4, 1997

In the wee hours last night we received an anonymous email with the following information of significent import to all concerned with what goes on in the world. Here it is verbatim. Since it is so long, we will run it as a series for the next couple of weeks. We invite comments, opinions, Op-Eds, and/or observations - and those of particular import will be posted at our website.


***THE SHOCK!: War In The Middle East?***

In February of 1991, while I was engaged in a written correspondence with Robert Prechter, the Elliott Wave Theorist, about what might cause the Grand Supercycle crash that historical patterns in the stock market indicate is about to happen, I had a mysterious vision of a special report of a chemical SCUD missile attack on Israel. About a week after seeing this mysterious special report, a friend and I heard an air-raid siren and nuclear explosion upon reading the Seventh Seal prophecy from the eighth chapter of the Bible's Book of Revelation. The implication of these supernatural hints was rather clear: a chemical SCUD missile attack against Israel, apparently by an Arab power or powers (I've long thought Iraq, but it could be Syria and/or Iran as well), would eventually occur that would be followed by a global nuclear war. My conclusion has been that this tragic scenario, which entails a catastrophic upset of Western expectations, is what is going to cause the ultimate crash that will follow the Grand Supercycle peak in the stock market.

Thus, I've long been monitoring developments in the stock market to determine when the Grand Supercycle top is reached realizing that soon afterward a global war could erupt possibly starting in the Middle East with a chemical SCUD attack on Israel. Earlier this year the proper ingredients came together for the Grand Supercycle top in stock prices and Western expectations as the DJIA reached the 7000 mark around the time of a major planetary alignment. The DJIA then reversed about ten percent and has since rebounded almost to new all-time highs as of the end of last week. Fortunately, thus far, no war has occurred. The pattern that I've been worried will repeat here is that of 1990 when the DJIA reached 3000 (closed two days in a row at 2999.75) and then reversed course in association with Iraq threatening and then invading Kuwait Accordingly, I've been concerned reversing from Dow 7000 would involve another far more serious outbreak of war in the Middle East that would be followed by a global nuclear war. Yet, contrary to my doom-and-gloom "crash" expectations, up to now reversing from Dow 7000 has only meant a minor interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve since which stock prices and collective expectations have almost completely rebounded. Wonderful! I hope the DJIA breaks to new record heights on Monday and makes a complete joke of my immediate crash expectations (I had predicted a crash into the 55th day after the March 11th peak, i.e., May 5th, and instead there's been a record rally into the date). Indeed, it would be nice if everything I've ever been led to believe about an approaching Grand Supercycle collapse and world war proves completely deluded and wrong. However, I don't think this will be the case...

There are now alarming signs that a war in the Middle East is about to occur. As was revealed in a critical report by a U.S. government Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare late last year dubbed "Approaching the New Cycle of Arab-Israeli Fighting", the hardline Arab Powers, i.e., Syria, Iran and Iraq, have been forging alliances and making final preparations for a massive attack against Israel. Now it appears that massive attack is about to happen, or at least Israel is about to preempt such an attack and thereby trigger all-out war in the Middle East anyway.

As can be gathered from the news reports below, Syria and Iran are making preparations to attack Israel while Israel is preparing for an attack or possibly to preempt any attack. First off, note the report from Friday about the meeting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu convened with his top ministers in which "security briefings were heard, and the ministers discussed, among other things, the allocation of upgraded gas masks and chemical warfare kits...". Now match this with the report about how Syria has recently been arming missiles targeted against Israel with deadly nerve gas. Next, read the BBC report dubbed "Egyptian opposition paper says Israeli missiles aimed at Iran" which suggests that Israel is preparing for a massive air-strike against military and infrastructural targets in, at the least, Iran (the news source should not be considered reliable but the paper would likely have connections in Arab intelligence for acquiring such sensitive information). Indeed, there is good reason to believe that Israel would contemplate a strike against Iran at this point.

Israel is increasingly concerned by Iran's development of weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles. Iran has had a long-running, aggressive program to develop chemical, biological and nuclear weaponry and now the Iranians, according to the London Telegraph, "have....taken delivery of a consignment of the North Korean Nudong surface-to-surface missiles which would enable them to launch attacks against Israel". I doubt Tel Aviv will be patient in acting to mitigate the emerging threat of mass destruction from the radical regime in Teheran. And now, as both the U.S. and Europe are aligning against Iran in response to prior terrorism that is being linked back to Iran's leaders, an opportunity may be emerging for Tel Aviv to launch a debilitating preemptive attack against Iran's growing military prowess that was recently flaunted in wargames code-named the "Road To Jerusalem". (That Israel is willing to take such preemptive action is revealed by previous preemptive Israel strikes against the Arab powers as they were preparing to attack the Jewish State in the 1950's and 1960's.)

Even if Israel isn't about to set-off a regional Middle Eastern war with a preemptive strike against Iran and/or Syria, the odds are war is going to erupt there one way or another in the near-future. Clearly the hard-line Arab states like Syria and Iran are getting ready to unleash a massive attack against the Jewish State, so it's not going to take much to ignite the region into a catastrophe of mass destruction. Inevitably, this will lead to a global nuclear war that Russia, now openly allied with China, has been preparing to unleash on the West.

Of course, in light of all this, how is it that the DJIA is around all-time record heights above the 7000 mark? Whose beliefs and expectations are deluded and irrational- mine or society's??!!



Today is Friday May 2, 1997 / Nisan 25, 5757


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened the ministers of the Likud- Gesher-Tsomet list this morning, before the regularly-scheduled weekly cabinet meeting. He formed the new forum as a result of his post-Bar-On affair pledge to confer more with the government ministers. Deputy Prime Minister Zevulun Hammer announced that he would meet at the same time with the remaining ministers. At the official Cabinet meeting held afterwards, security briefings were heard, and the ministers discussed, among other things, the allocation of upgraded gas masks and chemical warfare kits, restitution to flood-damaged areas, and toll roads.


"Syria reportedly manufacturing nerve gas for warheads"

-- By DAFNA LINZER, the Associated Press.

JERUSALEM (April 29, 1997 6:03 p.m. EDT) -- Syria is mounting a deadly nerve gas onto surface-to-surface missiles capable of reaching targets throughout Israel, an Israeli newspaper reported Tuesday.

Syria obtained the chemicals for the nerve gas from Russia and recruited the help of a Russian chemical and biological weapons expert to manufacture the gas, the Haaretz newspaper said.

A worldwide treaty banning chemical weapons went into effect at midnight Monday. Neither Israel nor Syria is among the 88 countries who have ratified the pact. Kuwait became the 88th country to ratify the pact on Tuesday.

Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy warned Syria on Tuesday against using chemical weapons and hinted at Israel's long-suspected nuclear arsenal as a deterrent.

"We are following this development and others," Levy told Israel Radio. "Anyone who does this understands that we have capabilities far and above what the other side can even imagine."

Israel and Syria began negotiations in 1991, but the off-again, on- again talks broke off last year after a spate of terror attacks in Israel.

Syria demands Israel return the strategic Golan Heights captured in the 1967 Middle East War in exchange for a peace agreement, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists Israel should retain control of the plateau.

Syria's manufacture of the gas came up in recent talks between Israel and the United States, Haaretz said. Levy was scheduled to travel to the United States on Friday for meetings with Clinton administration officials.

Levy called on Syria to return to the negotiating table, but added a warning.

"We will continue with the necessary things we also develop ... so the other side will understand that they are not the only ones with control," he said. "We control things seven-times worse."


The news above is indeed disturbing for many humanitarian reasons. But it is also obvious that the potential military conflict will have a draconian impact on many world markets - financial as well as hard asset markets. We at the GOLD-EAGLE welcome and invite opinions regarding the rapidly breaking events in the Middle-East. If your view-point is longer than 500 works, we will post it at our website. Please send your response via the e-mail icon at the bottom of this page.

 Part - II   THE SHOCK!: War In KOREA???!!! 

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