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Gold And Silver Already Topped Miners Will Soon

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April 11, 2016

Sometimes certain chart patterns morph into others and vice versa. Gold and Silver are still holding to their Head & Shoulder patterns while the miners are developing different patterns due to relative strength.

Miners have changed from Head & Shoulder patterns to small symmetrical triangles, with subsequent breakouts. A triangle's price target is measured from the height of the base or its beginning, added to the breakout point. Targets aren't always exact but are often a decent guide.

NOTE: The next down day (red candle) in miners will activate Trader Vic's 4-day corollary and signal the potential top.

GLD is forming a Head & Shoulder target that should complete the right shoulder this week…whence   prices will drop to a spring target.

SLV is forming a less symmetrical Head & Shoulder pattern compared to gold, but the pattern is valid and should complete soon. Once finished prices should drop to the spring target area (below). 

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