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Gold Looks Decent & Silver Looks Great!

Precious Metals Analyst
June 9, 2023

Here are today's videos and charts.  The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers.  Double-click to enlarge the charts.

Super Force Signals (SFS) is being rebranded as Super Gold Signals (SGS at, to reflect the growing global importance of gold.

I had colon surgery post-op constant hiccups and fatigue, so I’m doing some written analysis for some charts rather than video this week… but I had a second operation that has me back in my groove. 

I like natgas here, and we may add to our FCG core position today!

GDX looks “OK”, but my focus is silver and SIL until we get more traction in the gold market.

Silver is hot, and SIVR is a solid way to play it with a physical market ETF!

SG60 Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis

SGT Key Charts, Signals, & Video Analysis 

Will the gold stocks and silver put in the powerful follow through I want to see?  That would turn the morning star formations candlesticks into serous launchpads.  SGT traders make plays on NUGT, TQQQ, DUST, SQQQ and also some individual stocks at my Super Gold Trader newsletter.  Stoplosses on every trade keep drawdowns in check.  At $499/yr, subs love the action, and I have a half price $249/14mth special offer this week!  If you want the offer, please send me an email or click this link and I’ll make it happen. Thanks!



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Our Super Force signals are created thru our proprietary blend of the highest quality technical analysis and many years of successful business building.  We are two business owners with excellent synergy.  We understand risk and reward.   Our subscribers are generally successful business owners, people like yourself with speculative funds, looking for serious management of your risk and reward in the market.  

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Morris Hubbartt is the creator of proprietary timing models in the Superforce Signals, Superforce 60 Trading Service. He is senior vice president, General Manager and as Co-Owner of a concrete manufacturing company since 1985. He is also sole proprietor of SFS Newsletter Services that specializes in volume analysis of the gold & silver markets. His website is at

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