Gold Price History In 16 Major World Currencies During The Past 10 Years

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April 8, 2015

During the past decade the gold price performance has truly been amazing. To demonstrate this we will show gold’s percent appreciation in 16 major world currencies since 2005.  This will be compared to the performance of 15 major world stock indices.

The criteria used to select the currencies was based upon a country’s high percent of its population that purchases gold.  The selected country currencies are:

USA Gold Price

Australia Gold Price

Canada Gold Price

China Gold Price

Europe Gold Price

Hong Kong Gold Price

Indonesia Gold Price

India Gold Price

Japan Gold Price

Malaysia Gold Price

Pakistan Gold Price

Russia Gold Price

Saudi Arabia Gold Price

Singapore Gold Price

United Arab Emirates Gold Price

United Kingdom Gold Price

Although the Gold Price section at Gold-Eagle provides values for periods of:

24 Hours…5 Days…1 Month…6 Months…1 Year…5 Years and 10 Years, our analysis here will only use the gold price performance for the 10-Year period.   

Price of Gold in US Dollars soared 181%

gold price US dollar

Price of Gold in Australia Dollars soared 190%

gold price australia dollar

Price of Gold in Canadian Dollars soared 185%

gold price Canadian dollar

Price of Gold in China Yuan (Renmini) rose 110%

gold price China Yuan

Price of Gold in Euro soared 240%

gold price Euro

Price of Gold in Hong Kong Dollar soared 179%

gold price Hong Kong dollar

Price of Gold in Indonesia Rupiah soared 293%

gold price Indonesia Rupiah

Price of Gold in India Rupee soared 300%

gold price India Rupee

Price of Gold in Japan Yen soared 221%

gold price Japanese Yen

Price of Gold in Malaysia Ringgit rose 170%

gold price Malaysia Ringgit

Price of Gold in Pakistan Rupee soared 383%

gold price Pakistan Rupee

Price of Gold in Russia Ruble soared 473%

gold price Russian ruble

Price of Gold in Saudi Arabia soared 181%

gold price Saudi Arabia

Price of Gold in Singapore Dollar rose 135%

gold price singapore dollar

Price of Gold in UAE Dirham soared 181%

gold price UAE Dirham

Price of Gold in UK Pound soared 262%

gold price UK pound

Since 2005 the gold price performance in the world’s 16 major currencies has soared an average +230%.   This is more than amazing….actually it’s astounding when one compares this stellar appreciation to what global stocks have done during the same 10 years. 

Stock Market Performance of Major Global Regions

Below are the Stock Market returns of 15 major Stock Indices:

The average performance of the above major world stock indices during the past 10 years was a miserly 57%.   Consequently, the average gold performance during the past 10 years was more than  FOUR TIMES GREATER than stock market returns….(i.e. 230% for gold vs. only 57% for fiat paper investments) .

The above performance data are irrefutable…but this begs the question:  What may global investors expect form gold during the next five years?  The following study will provide insightful observations to answer that vitally important question:  Gold Price Forecast Of Plausible $12,600 By Year 2020

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Gold is the official state mineral of Alaska.

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