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How does One Survive, Resist, and Prosper

June 24, 2013

My father as a child in England in the 1920 and 30s said his heart would burst with pride at school seeing a map of the world one quarter red with the British Empire.  His feet were wet and cold as his only shoes were worn out.  His was the common experience as empires bring poverty to the masses.  The U.S. is spending more than all the rest of the world on war and I would not call it defense but terrorism.  Your infrastructure, namely your cities, roads and bridges are self destructing from age, half of your people are subsisting on food stamps and the hubris of the elitists blinds them to seeing the U.S. becoming a failed state.  I fear so much pain is coming to you over there. Strong, brave voices as yours will be needed to help develop a more intelligent discourse to your country. A new vision for the U.S. is needed. Help create it or have it forced on you as history will not be denied.     Bob E.  a reader from Australia

The Chinese, the Russians and we Americans do not exercise power over our government.  Elections are questionable; who votes, legal or illegal, electronic voting accurate or altered and so called elected officials serve their potents and themselves.  Billions are spent on elections and the story always ends the same.  We are manipulated to believe that we have a say when we don’t and are but serfs forced to tolerate a failing system with no where to go.  Then once in awhile there comes a Bradley Manning and now Edward Snowden.  These men are showing amazing courage and proof that we too can resist.  They point the way to all others to withdraw their consent from the broken system.  Who will be willing to do the right thing?  Do you have the “right stuff”?  Could you bear the inconvenience, the pain, the fear it could bring to you and your family?  Maybe that is why we all are getting what we have now today in the U.S.

If Mr. Manning and Mr. Snowden are enemies of the state, I salute you and may you both live long and prosper!  The rest of us, well, we may not live long and prosper unless we have the courage to take a stand!

What can you do?

First, you must start a personal resistance to protect your family!  American’s must withdraw from their corporate banking systems.  Get your dollars out of the banks before it’s too late!  Get your dollars out of 401k’s, annuities, C.D.’s, mutual funds and trusts.   Replace the paper with tangible goods, things you can use.  Don’t be greedy thinking that you’re pumped up and inflated balloon of the stock market is safe.  It isn’t, it is ready to implode and is stretched to the limit today!  Today the price of intrinsic metals is being driven down by the world banks on their continuous mission to steal all you have. They are attempting to delude everyone to believe that their paper has more value than metals.  Paper is what they push, like a drug addict, their drug of choice. Why? Because that is how they make their money off you their serf.  Remember, I have said it before, “This is a global takeover of everything you own.”  Americans will soon experience the largest wealth transfer ever transgressed upon the populace because, unlike other countries, Americans have the most wealth left to steal!

Secondly, you must not allow yourself to become what they want, dependant.  DO NOT PAY OFF YOUR DEBTS YET!  Use their credit for the time being 2.7 % or today 3.5% interest and financing for 40 years.  Your dollars today are worth more than they will be worth next year or in 5 years.  Buy quickly what you will need with your paper during this current short deflationary period we are experiencing.   Have a plan to pay off your debt if necessary with your physical gold and silver you have accumulated.  When you do, commit to never rely on their system to borrow money again!   If you are in between homes or are selling your home now you will be able to buy one latter for half of what it is valued at currently.  This just might be the smartest thing one could do!  After all is over use your gold and silver to make your purchase.  The day will come when everyone will have wished they had purchased physical metals that retain value and they will be glad to have some.

The system has been stealing everyone’s homes and businesses during the past 7 years.  If you had an interest rate based on Libor (a lie) of 8% your actual rate should have been 4%, half what you were made to pay.  You will always lose to the casino remember the house always wins if you miss a payment.  Strive to be self sufficient!  Learn a new skill. Plant a garden, learn to live on less, the future will require it.  Resist taking their government handouts or you will be beholden to them and the strings attached.  Give up on your old dreams and ideals, that America is gone.  Creating your own successful business is impossible, you will be regulated, taxed and forced out while the corporate mega businesses are given free reign from the government they own.  They will receive what you will not, low or free credit, tax exemptions, few regulations or extreme leeway when it comes to the law, exemptions from required healthcare mandates, preferential insider information and great new business deals from their government.  You see corporate international owns the governments of the world and you are not allowed to compete fairly, so quit trying!

Thirdly, it is inexpensive for your government to monitor you.  Get rid of your cell phone or leave it at home or turn it off instead of leaving it on.  Try weaning yourself from it like breaking a bad habit. The first few days are tough but you will find the freedom is invigorating.  Get a good message scrambling software program for your telephone and your computer.  Your stress level diminish will drop and your empowerment will grow.   You see they assume the citizenry is as corrupt, sinful, evil and without morals as they are.  Our government employees are failing to follow the letter of the law of our land, the Constitution.  They no longer serve the people but themselves and the elitists.  It is the same across the world today, from Brazil to Greece, Egypt to Libya and Syria.  Uprisings will continue as the populace becomes incensed with government’s lack of service to the masses while they lie, cheat and steal.

Fourthly, you must be patient and ready!  Wait for the fabric of this mess they refuse to fix to fray, then tear and rip apart.  It is merely a matter of time.  The fabric can no longer be repaired, the tear is too long the fabric too frayed.  The populace, who always suffer the worst, will again suffer the results of their failed economics.  Simply put, all will fail because we the people do not matter to our government.   Not here in the U.S. or anywhere in the world.  Governments everywhere are self serving, corrupt and just downright evil and inept, parasitic lifers.  It will end and they know it!  They are preparing, but if you do you are labeled a conspiracy nut or worse 1 of the 1,000,000 labeled terrorists in the U.S.  What is wrong with buying extra groceries in the event of the next crisis possibly a hurricane, tornado or possible insurrection?  Unfortunately many do see that things will get considerably worse before they can get better.  All one can do now, is to attempt to minimize the collateral damage that will be done to you, your family and neighbor.  Hopefully in time change for the better may come.  For today, I say, protect your family before it’s too late by investing in silver and gold!

Roxanne Lewis is a precious metals broker and business woman in western Colorado dedicated to educating others to protect themselves and their family’s assets.  She writes weekly articles on her precious metals website  and encourages you to visit her website featuring prices from the COMEX at just 1.25% and less.  No fee for buy backs. She may be reached @ [email protected]

Roxy Lewis writes articles at  a Better Business A+ rated reputable brokerage offering silver and gold at transparent pricing at just 1% or less commission. I hold a B.S. Degree from Iowa State University and 35 years’ experience in human resources, management, investments, personal property development and entrepreneurial business development. I write to awaken and educate the populace to become self-sufficient and abandon and remove themselves from a failing system in order to defend and preserve their life’s assets.

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