Jon Little: Why Gold Keeps Popping Up In Eastern Trade

January 12, 2023


Last year after Russia was kicked out of the SWIFT payments system, they responded by adopting a temporary #gold backing to the Ruble, and have hinted at a commodity-backed currency arrangement in the months since.

So in today's show, Jon Little of The Morgan Report talks about what's happened since then, some of the trade arrangements that are being formed between the eastern nations, and why there's a greater incentive than ever to use gold as a settlement medium in the current environment.

Jon also talks about a recent article he wrote that puts some numbers on how much metal will need to be mined to meet some of the green initiatives in the years ahead, and whether it's even possible that the world will be able to produce those staggering amounts.

So to find out more about the trends that are taking place in the metals markets, click to watch this video now!

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