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The Long And Winding Road By George And Paul!

September 10, 2013

“The Long and Winding Road” to collapse has never, in the history of our world, ever been so aggressively traveled but in the past 4 years since “Q-Infinity and Beyond” was started. Those whom have studied history recognize that the only protection is real money, gold and silver.

George Washington’s farewell address warned American’s to:

  • Keep TAXES and government SPENDING LOW.   Instead we tolerate the counterfeiting of our currency and blank check writing which is bankrupting us forever.
  • BALANCE your Federal Budget and avoid States debt. Instead we are $13 Trillion in debt and the Federal accounting “cooked books” is likely $84 Trillion in actual debt.  Blue states across the nation are over the brink of bankruptcy and more soon will follow. 
  • BEWARE of political parties that will separate the constituency.  Today our officials aim is to serve them while paying bribes to political cronies and supporters. They only allow corporations to compete in crony capitalism in exchange for enormous donations which ensure their reelection and political aspirations with our hard earned money.
  • DO NOT WEAKEN your all powerful U.S. Constitution and Amendments, they protect you! Instead we have a President and cohorts like Chief Justice Holder who personally refuse to implement the laws of the land by not prosecuting the banksters, allowing spying, enacting decrees and signing orders which destroy our sovereignty.
  • AVOID alliances & foreign military entanglements. We police and fight for nations who are members of the International Monetary Fund in exchange for their promises to use the dollar as the reserve currency for trade. There are 10 percent of members that fail to regularly participate by using the IMF’s credit usage fees.  It is not known if the countries of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Miramar have signed IMF’s Article 8, Section 234 agreement.  Article 8’s enforceability is highly questionable when being interpreted whether broadly or narrowly when applied to the exchange control regulations.  Simply put, when the price of oil surges it creates too much credit on oil producing countries books, and since oil is denominated in US dollars that are constantly being devalued through QE oil producing nation’s purchasing power is eroded unless they maintain higher prices.
  • Don’t let DIFFERENCES divide the Union. Instead they have pitted us brother against brother and father against son, Democrat against Republican, Black against White, Atheist against Christian and Muslims against all.  The all powerful .001% elitist is the master manipulator and the true enemy! 
  • MAINTAIN your religion, the basis of morality for your family.  It will support your freedoms!  Instead we have left God out of our lives and immorality rules the masses throughout right theft, abortion and murder.

We have not adhered to any of our fore father’s words of wisdom and guidance.  If only, like the prodigal son, our leaders would admit their mistakes and return home to the protections they willingly abandoned? Unfortunately our leaders will not admit their errors nor take responsibility even when all can see that collapse is imminent.  Our chosen leaders are a mere reflection of ourselves, their constituency. If we truly look inside we would see that we have all failed our father’s directions and will, “suffer immense pain and surely death.”  The world, in many eyes today, has never looked more desperate, lost and tumultuous.

The middle class has been systematically impoverished and our children’s futures are being destroyed through the accumulation of gigantic mountains of debt in their names.  A group is fomenting the rooting out of our religious establishments, overturning our existing governments and forcing the masses into servitude so they can rule the world with uncontrollable power.   

Today the U.S. debt is some 350% of our GDP while Britain and Japan’s debt is over 500% of their GDP.  As the economy worsens, the interest on this debt doubles.  How we will reckon with it is the unknown but for now the answer is to but print.

We were handed the keys to the greatest economic machine in the history of our planet and we have allowed one organization the Federal Reserve to destroy it.  A few already know it but as our youth attempt to join the work force they are going to realize that their futures have been destroyed, many of them are going to totally lose hope and give in to despair just as the inner cities populace lost hope in the past.

The United States once had the greatest middle class in the history of the world, but now it is being murdered.  This is causing a tremendous amount of anger and frustration to build in this nation.  When the next major wave of the economic collapse strikes our government will leap to their preparations as they recognize what will likely be unleashed by their citizenry.  As our economy continues to crumble desperate people will do desperate things. Crime will greatly increase as people do what they feel they must do in order to survive.   

Most don’t understand that these problems have taken decades to develop and just want the situation fixed.  Ron Paul predicted 13 years ago what is happening today. The bought media wouldn’t back him as a viable candidate and dismissed him from the 2012 elections.  Now he has his own TV show on which he even reports that he owns gold and silver and no bonds.

Our current leaders are literally throwing gasoline on a fire that has escalated to a full blown firestorm.  They either have no idea what they are doing or are they complicit in the demise?  Our Congress currently has the lowest approval rating in our history and they have been on vacation for 2 months.    Americans are simply hoping that things will go back to the way that they used to be. Unfortunately, the great economic collapse is coming is not going to be averted.  Get ready while you still can!  Time is running out. 

Speculation as to how present day events will unravel engulf us and fuels gossip that consumes the airwaves.  Many seek a sign, something that will portend our rapidly approaching fate.  The Middle East, and easily enough the entire world can see, may be the touchstone that sparks the next war.  History always follows the same story line.  Depression followed by currency wars, trade wars and world wars.  How have citizens attempted to retain their wealth and minimize their suffering throughout history? They converted their holdings to gold and silver.  The COMEX and the LBMA are far too short to deliver on all the paper they has been leased and sold.  How much longer will you wait to protect your family? 

Roxy Lewis writes articles at  a Better Business A+ rated reputable brokerage offering silver and gold at transparent pricing at just 1% or less commission. I hold a B.S. Degree from Iowa State University and 35 years’ experience in human resources, management, investments, personal property development and entrepreneurial business development. I write to awaken and educate the populace to become self-sufficient and abandon and remove themselves from a failing system in order to defend and preserve their life’s assets.

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