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The Merchants of Debt

July 25, 2001

Each time I surf I am amazed about the amount of information which has become available on the Web. And not to forget the formidable search tools developed in the few years since the Internet came into being.

The latest exiting event is the sprouting all over the Web of communal brain centers which concentrate on discussing, digesting and analyzing the flood of incoming data and restructure these data into manageable concepts. Here, Gold-Eagle has succeeded superbly in attracting a global spread of creme-de-la-creme intellectual support on financial and socio-economic related matters, and Gold-Eagle can rightfully claim to have become one of the leading think-tanks on the web. Any relevant news, from wherever, finds its way in the shortest time to the GE forum and editorials, where it is put under scrutiny.

So have the GE "brain-cells" delved deeply and thoroughly into the background of some hitherto unexplained events relating to the financial and precious metal markets. The evolving discussions have been conducted in close contact with parallel thinking web-sites, like the Metropolitan Cafe and GATA, Reg Howe, Frank Veneroso, James Turk, Ted Buttler and Dr Clawar.

It all began a few years back, when sharp-eyed goldbugs, some market professionals, got suspicious about unusual behavior patterns showing up in the precious metal trade and maybe related, extravagant, derivative positions of certain banking institutions. Something looked definitely wrong! But who could have imagined at the time how tangled a web of stealth, intrigue and deceit it was, that was invading the precious markets and financial dealings.

The consensus the GE brain-cell has arrived at is, that indications do point to gold being manipulated by a certain group of financial institutions, with knowledge, if not more, of the ESF, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the FED and the US Treasury, the Bank of England and the British Treasury. Institutions which have been found directly involved or connected to dubious gold trading are, inter alias, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Chase, Republic Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Deutsche Bank, CSFB, etc.

But more, related, financial wickedness than just a purely gold collusion is coming to the surface. By pursuing irregularities in the gold trade, the united goldbugs might have hit upon a trail of astounding manipulation at the highest level.

By the day, it is becoming clearer, that it might not just be a matter of a rogue "cabal" monopolizing gold, but that the ongoing gold manipulation could form an integral part of well organized, broad based financial moves behind the scenes.

To get a glimpse behind the curtains it is necessary to evaluate specially the finer, less obvious, elementary details of events. Alas, finer details don’t shine up always when happening. But with a bit of luck they might stay and hang around somewhere in one’s grey cells, until the moment "something" clicks, and suddenly a connection is made.

Media reporting has become strangely slanted, biased and appears censured. The FED’s actions are more directed toward protecting the banks’ and not the citizens’ interests. When things go wrong on a grand scale, "adjustments" and "accommodation" like in case of the LTCM, are being done within the same circle of top players. We find the same directors and same chairmen on the various boards of the same companies and organizations. They come from the same universities and are members of the same fraternities. Executives are shifting around, or are being shifted around in the same circle. This includes top government posts and high positions in international organizations. The executive offices of many of the "inner-circle" institutions and companies reside within stone throw of one another. Major financial moves seem to be coordinated and executed with precision by always the same bodies and people. Such moves might go accompanied by opportune press releases, political statements, or parallel developments in other markets.

There is a bizarre inter-relationship transpiring between certain financial institutions, depository banks, merchant banks, custodian banks, trading houses, hedge funds, insurance companies, mining finance houses, the trading floors of stock and commodity exchanges, press agencies, government agencies and non-governmental organizations. And the way this inter-relationship works, does rise suspicion, that some major market actions could be originating from one and only focal point.

The question now arises, "if" such focal point does exists, which super body would be powerful and organized enough to claim such high status? Some 50 years ago the answer would have been a resounding "none"! 50 Years ago the capitalistic world was still rather equally balanced and one power acting alone would not yet have been able to dominate on such scale. However, in the last 50 years the power of the bankers has risen so dramatically, relative to all other enterprise, and between the bankers themselves there has been such concentration of financial power at the top, through mergers, take-overs etc., that today, yes, there does exists a one and only business empire, powerful enough to dominate the rest.

Through the inducement of biased financial legislation by stealth and government concessions, the bankers have succeeded in obtaining a virtual monopoly over national currencies and credit creation. Concessions have enabled bankers to carry outstanding loan portfolios to amounts twelve times their own capital base or more. Proportionately, this has given them a multiple earnings advantage over any other kind of business and has resulted over the years in a heavy dominance of the banks over enterprise. The misguided and by stealth obtained legislation and special favors have brought about a fatal reversal of economic order. Money concentrated in a few hands only, today, dominates the world’s economies and dictates from the top. What is best for the banks counts, not what is best for the country and the people.

It should be well understood that, in such a new world order the old economics of Adam Smith do not hold any longer. There is little free competition left. Free markets have become a myth. Financial dictatorship decrees from the top down. Not much different from the political dictatorship of the late USSR, which collapsed into a general brake-down of order and was followed by a prolonged period of painful adjustments.

The EU has not advanced as much yet toward Totalitarian Capitalism as the US has. The reason might be found in a different social culture, in history, and most importantly, in the diverging mentalities of the European and the US bankers. Through the ages the Old World bankers have had their unpleasant experiences, like hanging and burning at the stake. It has made the European bankers tread more carefully. American banking on the other side of the Atlantic, not held back by such abhorrent restraints, has grown ruthless, aggressive and imperialistic.

The same financial institutions, the same people circulating at the top in finance, government, business and international bodies. The mutual back-ups, cover ups and playing ball at higher level. The same orientation, press releases and presentations by the media. The same, the same, the same!!! And the more this "same" is scrutinized the more it transpires that there must exist a powerful, central directive behind the scenes. Not only a simple directive but a highly organized small inner-circle with broad control over finance, industry, politics and the media.

That is the conclusion I have arrived at. Although there are plenty of gaps to be filled in, and many a question still to be answered, I decided not to hesitate to inform and to submit to the scrutiny of the GE Forum my thought, that a powerful central body at the very top of the financial world is directing the major events.

There is only one body in the USA with the prerequisites to fit this position: the Rockefeller dynasty, headed by scion David. All roads lead to Rome. All roads lead to the Rockefeller Center where the mainstay and control of the Empire resides. The financial core: Banking, Foundations, holding companies, controlling industrial enterprises to oil, to mining, airlines, insurance, retailers, merchant banks, trading companies, investment funds, to universities, and ad infinitum.

For discussion convenience only, let us conjecture a blue-print of how the structure of such a financial empire might look:

It would need a Ministry of Internal Relations between the core Rockefeller Holdings, their Banks, Foundations, their Enterprises and top personnel. A Ministry of Finance to bring the diverse banking, insurance, funds, hedge funds, together and to "coordinate" financial policies. A Ministry of External Relations covering the FED, the US Treasury, foreign Central Banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the World Economic Council, the Bilderbergers etc. A Ministry of Foreign Relations ( here fits the CFR, Council for Foreign Relations) to promote the interests of the group through diplomatic channels and "their" World Economic Forum. A Ministry of Education to supervise dependent universities like the MIT and Harvard (inclusive their think-tanks). A Ministry for Oil and Minerals. A Ministry of Information (United Press International, Associated Press and AolTime Warner are already located next door!). A Ministry for Relations with Washington. A Cabinet (Polit Bureau). A Bureau for Central Planning (the Tri-Lateral Commission). An Executive? A private CIA-FBI, keeping files on opponents as well as collaborators, politicians, other bankers and lackeys. ( for your guidance: US Secr.of State John F.Dulles Rockefeller Foundation and Sullivan & Cromwell, and Allen Dulles idem Sullivan & Cromwell but also director of the CIA)

There must also exist front-companies and front-men. Goldman Sachs would just fit nicely as a front company. And Peter Munck as an ideal front-man. The Rothschilds have important interests in gold mines. So where could we look for the Rockefeller gold interests? They could not do without! The gold market is the mother market of all markets and they should know that fiat money is not a good investment, after all that is their business!

Running along with the Rockefellers are the "cohorts", or lesser Grandees. They cannot be trusted. They might put their own interests first. As long as the cohorts don’t upset the apple cart all is fine. But woe, when betraying!

And last but not least there are the "faithful" lackeys, selected, trained and educated by the system: Alan Greenspan, Rob Rubin, Wolfenson, James Baker, Kissinger, Abby J.Cohen and others.

Don Allan’s "the Federal Reserve Bank, a Study of Corporate Influence" which can be found on and was compiled in 1976, is a bit out of date, but it does give interesting reading. It shows the relationships between the Rotschilds, the Rockefellers, Lazard Bros, Morgan, Brown Bros Harriman, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, the Schroeders, coming together in the FED of NY, City Bank, Hanover Bank, Chase, National Bank of Commerce, Equitable Life, Mutual Life and Guaranty Trust.

The David Rockefeller chart shows the link between the Fed of New York, Standard Oil of Indiana, General Motors, Allied Chemical and Equitable Life, plus all the officer and director interlocks in: General Electric (controls CNBC and other media), American Express, General Motors, AT&T, NW Bell, Chrysler, Internat.Mineral & Chem, US Steel, Exxon, Inco, Allied Chemicals, Wachovia, Reynolds, 3M, Honeywell, Sperry Rand etc.

Let me add here that the Federal Reserve itself is owned by the major US Banks, and this includes Citi Group and Morgan-Chase of the Rockefeller stable, plus all the US banks which have "national" in their names.

Many mergers and take-overs have found place since then. And the financial power of the Rockefellers seems to have gained considerably relative the Rothschilds’s. There is the incorporation of Morgan into Chase for instance and the mushrooming credit card business, with its world wide data-base of user info! Visa and Master Card are run by a consortium of major banks headed by Chase and Citi Group, and American Express Credit Card by the American Express Co, also Rockefeller. The recent merger of Aol-Time-Warner, the monopoly proceedings against Microsoft, and the irregular, selective?, hammering of IT shares could be viewed as the Rockefellers acting to get a hold on the computer, software and information business.

So we see the Rockefellers are quite capable to occupy the center stage. Don’t they have it all under their wings already? A government within the United States? Or could Washington be considered a government within the Rockefeller Empire?

Who organized Bretton Woods, the IMF, the World Bank, donated the land the UN is built on? Where started the ideas of the New World Order, Globalization, the World Trade Organization etc? Who’s media did help to protect Clinton until the end and why? Who’s people are chosen to occupy top international and national positions? Ask, ask, ask, get the answers and you will know.

And why does never anything change after elections? Because nobody runs the show besides the masters of the world.

The Rockefellers are dollar bankers. And bankers power is measured by the sway of their credit empire. To grow, ever more fiat dollars have to be created and brought into circulation (out of thin air, at no cost, courtesy of their FED). Rivals like gold, silver, the euro, the yen or pound sterling are not to be tolerated. Hyper computers manipulating trillions of dollars in derivatives are steering the markets. Computer quotations and reality have become two different things. Just wait for the trillions to evaporate to see where the real values stand.

To conquer the world, armies have been replaced by fiat money and derivatives and generals by money managers with hyper computers. Financial power stands for having the world and citizens eternally indebted and credit dependent.

The banker is the one dictating the dollar policy for the US. The government has little say in currency matters! A strong dollar is what the Rockefellers want, but this is not implicit of what the US needs. US industrial, mining, agriculture and service industry and prosperity at home has been deferred to second place. And would the dollar ever succumb to adversities or lose its financial advantage, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are prepared and quite capable to launch their own global fiat currency. A digital currency "said" to be covered by gold. But gold which will dust in the vaults of the R& Rs, where no living soul will be able to lay his hands on. A blue print for such digital gold currency has already been tentatively published by the Rothschild’s World Gold Council (see: under digital gold file #1)

In Europe the parallel debt empire of the Rothschilds is much less obvious, more discreet, less aggressive, more loosely knitted and broader based. There are the French and the British Rothschilds. They have their own financial empire and at the same time they "serve" as financial advisors to the royal courts of Europe, the lesser nobility and to an array of continental Grandees. European Royalty is not a poor house. Through the ages the royal fortunes have grown to considerable size with few exceptions. From old, it was expected of entrepreneurs to offer share holdings in their ventures to the Crown, so as to obtain the protection and favors of the reigning monarch. By not paying taxes and by having the people pay for their living expenses, the European Royalty has done rather well through the centuries. And what concerns the Rothschilds, counseling must have been pretty advantageous for the royal bankers.

The affairs of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are interwoven. Of late though, internal divergence and tensions seem to have arisen. The Rockefeller empire is dollar based and the Rothschild empire euro based. And I cannot imagine that the aggressive ongoing dollar pushing by the Rockefellers is going down well with the Rothschilds. Firstly the expansionary dollar policies are due to infringe on Rothschild’s territory and secondly the unkosher Rockefeller finances might kill the goose which lays the golden eggs.

After all, empires build up out of paper and without armies are delicate enterprises.

My due respect for the clever set-up of the R&R global card-house of finance, where debt and fiat paper is being offered for exchange of the world’s real asset. Never before in history has such an impressive Potemkin village been staged on such scale, and this time not exclusively to fool a Czarina, but to deceive the whole world. Regrettably however for R&R, the inquisitive and open nature of the Internet, as long as not (yet) harnessed, is going to shed light on dark matters and is bound to bring the card-house down.

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The King James Bible mentions gold 417 times. Not once does it mention a paper currency.
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