An Outside Reversal Week

We recently witnessed a key bearish "Outside Reversal Week" reaching new highs for the rally from the August 9th crash bottom, but then ending the week lower than it began. This indicated to me that in all probability, a new declining trend lasting several weeks at a minimum had started.

For Elliott Wavers: This decline will likely complete wave (1) of a 5 wave-down, from the May 2nd, 2011 high, which is either the beginning of a Grand Super Cycle Degree Wave {III} or Wave {C} DOWN. I am labeling this first decline from May 2nd Minor wave 1-down. This may be the beginning of that global Great Depression that I have been about a year early, in calling for. As this phase of the Great Bear Market (that began in 2007) so far we have only completed Wave 1(or A) and Wave 2 (or B) of wave (1) and although the DOW will eventually approach 1,000, that is several years off. For now, short-term, I am expecting a multi-week Selloff to complete Wave (1) whose target should be below the August 9th, 2011 lows. Then, following a strong Tradable Rally (Wave 2) up, which should retrace 38%, or even as much as 62% (not likely) of the full decline from May 2nd, 2011; lasting into year end or early 2012. Then in early 2012, Wave 3 of (III or B) should be a stock market crash that will rival the1930 to 1932 crash.

This crash will be the most devastating to more Americans Financial Well Being in American history, BUT on the other hand, it can also be the most rewarding to those who are prepared. In an effort to keep you all on the right side I will be sending out missives, just like this one, on an as needed basis. (To Paid Subscribers) STAY TUNED.


As far as gold and silver are concerned, just ignore the entire BS that is coming at you from all sides. Ignore all the fancy technical analysis that will cause you to sell your positions but will never get you back in on time and you will be caught holding depreciating Dollars instead of steadily appreciating Gold.

I have been warning you all for 10 years that most Fiat paper currency was in a race to the bottom and as far back as 2005 my Elliott Wave analysis combined with Cyclical and most importantly ECONOMIC analysis; I came up with my long Term Target of $6,250 by 2017 (the projected bottom of the Bear Markets) and now 6 years later I am still sticking to my Targets.

(Please do not ask me to comment on other's Elliott wave analysis (Especially Prechter. Although he is responsible for introducing Elliot to everybody and was the absolute best for 10 solid years (1977 - 1987), he has been mostly wrong on the DJII since 1987 and has stayed stubbornly bearish on Gold and Silver since 1980)

GOLD AND SILVER STOCKS: Are now more undervalued in relation to their respective Bullion than they have ever been in history. BUY BUY

The World's Central Bankers Banks, Brokers Analysts and Government Economists are all LYING to you and desperately trying to manipulate world markets, especially Gold. Don't let them get you. They like all Bulls are trying to shake you off the Golden Bull. HANG ON FOR YOUR (financial) LIFE. The winner is the one who can against all odds hang on until 2017.




If you need cogent analysis and clear reasoning, if your time matters as much as your investments, then UNCOMMON COMMON SENSE is the service for you. My job is to uncover what is really happening find you the best of the best, making sure your radar is pointed in the right direction and weeding out all the noise so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.


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Gold is perfect for use in coins and jewelry as it does not react with air or water like many other metals.

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