Physical Gold Leaving Comex at All Time Record Pace

August 13, 2022

Last week we saw how 280 million ounces of physical silver have been drained from London and Comex combined since the silver squeeze.

Well, it turns out that the SilverSqueeze movement is affecting more than just silver.

Over 10 million ounces (!) of physical gold have left the Comex vaults since SilverSqueeze began.

At today's gold to silver ratio, 10M OZ gold is about 874M OZ equivalent silver. Combine that with the 280M of actual silver drained already, and we have already broken the 1 billion ounces threshold.

Yes, we've got more work to do, but this accomplishment must not be minimized. The effect is real.

To find out more, click to watch the video now!

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