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Tom Luongo: The Fed's Hiking Rates to Break the ECB

September 20, 2022

A year ago at this time, there were few analysts who thought the Fed would be raising interest rates any time soon. And I'm not sure if there were any that expected the Fed would be raising rates as aggressively has they have.

But while many have lost faith in the Fed having control of the market, or any genuine intention to do what's actually in the best interests of the United States, its people, and the economy, Tom Luongo of Gold, Goats, and Guns suggests the real motivation behind the hikes is to wrest power away from the European Central Bank and the Davos crowd.

In this video Tom talks about the dynamics behind Jerome Powell's actions, how he's balancing his policy against the stresses in the US economy, and how Europe will be forced to respond in the midst of their own crisis and a shortage of energy.

Tom's one of the most well researched geopolitical analysts out there, and what he shares here is worth considering and taking heed of.

So to find out more, click to watch this fascinating video now!

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