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What a week!
There has been a lot of attention paid by some sectors of the investment community regarding the "time bomb" represented by the open derivatives position, and the size of the JP Morgan derivatives book in particular. Recently, even Mr...
To justify my existence on this planet - and to earn a living in the process - I am an advisor to family run businesses that have the will to "corporatise", and the potential and ambition to internationalise. This work involves four...
"Ride the winners and cut the losses". So goes the old adage. As a serious investor in silver and gold shares I did a little exercise this morning that I thought was sufficiently interesting to share here.
Looking past the Iraqi "caper" - which I have now convinced myself is likely to be relatively short lived, if it manifests at all - what can we expect from the markets? As see it, we have three factors that will dominate the coming months:
To understand what is happening in the gold and silver markets, it is necessary to understand the rules by which the game is being played. There appear to be four "teams" of players, as follows:
The following Point and Figure charts tell an interesting story. The US Dollar has broken down (Charts courtesy of The Gold Price has broken up
The words "not a casus belli" caught my eye yesterday. They appeared in a White House press release. In plain English, what the press release appeared to be saying was that President Bush was anticipating the discovery by the UN Team of...
A couple of people have taken me to task for my most recent article which drew attention to some technical non-confirmations and, therefore, to the possibility that Gold might not yet break up - as the charts have been apparently pointing...
Many Technical Analysts have been excited by the fact that the gold chart below has no fewer than 5 "potentially" bullish formations/patterns:
The total world's holdings of gold could be transported by a single solitary oil tanker.

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