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January 30, 2002

Our Model Portfolio is up 6.20% during first twenty-five days of 2002, while the S&P 500 has declined by 1.29%.

In 1998, as he began , his Internet site of financial commentary, Bill Murphy noticed that the gold market wasn't trading as normal markets do.

January 25, 2002
When, lo, as they reached the mountain's side,

A wondrous portal opened wide,

As if a cavern was suddenly hollowed:

And the Piper advanced and the children followed,

A valuable contribution to market analysis . .

January 2002 surely will be known as "The Month That Was." This month encompassed the denouement of the Enron saga, as well as the anticlimax of the Argentine peso and the disparagement of the absurd currency board concept which had anch

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a column for GOLD-EAGLE, titled "Diary of a Depression." You can see it by clicking the title just mentioned, or on "also by Don Stott" at the bottom o

The investment case for gold centers on the notion that the over valuation and excessive supply of the US currency has funded a decade’s worth of uneconomic investment and unsustainable consumption.

January 24, 2002
History does not repeat itself...but it rhymes —Mark Twain
January 23, 2002

There's nothing like one of my doom and gloom essays to bring out the flaming emails. No problem though cause I'm tough. Several of you aren't convinced an economic crisis faces the globe and the United States in the next six months.

According to the previous presentation, I had concluded based upon the data and analysis provided by David Knox Barker that the US economy was entering the final phase of the long wave cycle - winter.

January 22, 2002

A torrent of investment advisors and financial analysts screaming have been loudly proclaiming that a "new bull market" was born on Sept. 21, and that a financial and economic recovery will unfold this year.

January 21, 2002

Let’s think about economic life around the world, as it was one hundred years ago – a very short time ago, in historical terms.

January 19, 2002

In his occasional paper THE RETURN TO GOLD 1925, Cambridge University scholar, Donald E.

January 18, 2002

A taste of 'bear' . . . has many speculating that something is amiss here. Well, there is something 'amiss'; but it's nothing new.

A notation first. Last week, I wrote of the Japanese, who had saved their surplus assets in yen, and who are now losing. A few were wise. Gold sales around the world, increased by 17% in the third quarter of 2001.

January 17, 2002

The broad market has already given us a taste of what the overall market environmental will be like for 2002 with the Dow's steady six-day decline, accompanied by the sell-off of a number of leading indicator stocks and blue-chip bellwet

January 16, 2002

Following is a random list of observations, notes and predictions we have made in the initial days in 2002, which we feel are adequate considerations for the overall market environment in the months ahead.

On Monday of this past week, my good friend James Turk, editor of "The Freemarket Gold & Money Report" revealed more compelling evidence that the U.S. government has been swapping its own gold to other nations.

Let's suppose that there were a group of free-wheeling, wealthy Texans that saw a way to make an easy billion. They were already dealing with commodities, such as oil, so they understood the volatile nature of this business.

An Open letter to the Right Honorable Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan


Many investors are now once again starting to watch the American gold market and are asking themselves the question, “Has the market bottomed out, and is the market now in the very early stages of the next major bull market”.  On the su

January 14, 2002

I titled this "Kitchen Table Talk" because I have had variations of the following conversations at the table and because this is where the grassroots movement has to come from in order to turn our society around.

January 11, 2002

Lots of 'close shaves' in our world. .

The Great American Economic finish line was 12-31-01. For many, many economic entities the dying will come quickly now that the new year has started.

January 10, 2002

I was going to go on to other currencies this week, leaving Japan alone, but it turns out I haven't finished with Japan. Or rather, Japan hasn't finished with itself…if indeed it can survive its current crisis. A correction first.

The 2001 Record

January 9, 2002

A massive and historic shift in wealth is taking place across the globe which will have profound effects on the financial markets this year and beyond.

From the transcript of the minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee on March 26, 1991 (

Till the advent of fiat money, the finances of man have always followed a certain historical sequence. The people produce the wealth. And the king receives his share, which his barons collect for him for a fee.

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