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NEW YORK (July 7)  The U.S. Dollar is one market that continues to stand out as a stronghold for traders and investors. The world's primary... Read More
WASHINGTON (July 7)  This week market participants have focused intently on the future actions of the Federal Reserve as it pertains to... Read More
LONDON (July 7)  Gold (0.36%) and silver (0.74%) are trading higher this morning ahead of the European cash open. In the rest of the... Read More

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Gold and silver stocks have fallen in such a way that investors will rather understand why it is not worth taking a bullish stance on them.
As Americans returned from the 4th of July holiday, they got a reminder on Tuesday that the #recession concerns in the US are still very much alive and well.
As Joe Biden’s presidency descends into free-fall with voters, the economy may be on the verge of collapsing in similar fashion.

We haven’t seen anything like this in decades.  Energy prices are soaring to unprecedented heights.  Food shortages in some parts of the world are starting to become quite severe.  Rampant inflation is out of control all over the globe.  Meanwhile...

Gold remains above $1,800 as U.S. consumer confidence dropped to a 16-month low in June as Americans grew more downbeat on the economy.
It was a June swoon for the metals and miners.  Can they fly in July? The daily gold chart.  A double bottom pattern is in play.  The initial target is about $1880, and a breakout over that price targets $2000!
In today's video, I'm gonna give gold investors and traders a pep talk. 
My job is to give you the best unbiased opinion of the markets to the best of my ability. That means my opinion is my opinion and not someone else’s. Opinions are a dime a dozen when it comes to the markets including mine. There are some good analysts and some not so...
This week the Dow Jones closed with a BEV of -15.50%, not yet breaking below its BEV -20% line in this market decline.  Who knows, maybe it won’t.  Maybe it will now turn around and go on to new BEV Zeros below, taking the rest of the major market indexes up with it. ...
Gold stocks have broken down technically, but they are extremely oversold. Let’s start with GDXJ, which is rebounding today after testing support at $32.
'Twas but a mere three weekly missives ago that we penned Gold (then 1875) as being poised to reclaim 1900 by the Fourth of July, en route more broadly to 2000. "Wrong!"
Here are today's videos and charts.  The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers. 
The upcoming stagflation might be less severe than in the 1970s. So is the Fed’s reaction, which could mean good news for gold.
Gold, silver, and their miners’ stocks suffer their weakest seasonals of the year in early summers.  With traders’ attention normally diverted to vacations and summer fun, interest in and demand for precious metals usually wane.  Without outsized investment demand,...
If not for the war, there would’ve probably been a repeat of the 2008 gold market. However, there is something similar: the bearish outlook for miners.
As warning signs of an economic downturn build, Federal Reserve officials this week sought to downplay them. New York Fed President John Williams told CNBC that he doesn't see a recession coming. "A recession is not my base case right now," he said. "I think the...
These daily charts are flipped over to a view that is ‘anti’ their normal selves. I have often referred to the improbably bullish (to many; NFTRH has tracked and respected the bullish dollar for a year now) US dollar as an anti-market, the liquidity collector from the...
Powell said before the Senate that he didn’t want a recession. Who would? However it can occur anyway, boosting gold prices.
With a recession looming over the average American, the group to blame is pretty obvious, this group being the central bankers at the Federal Reserve, who inflate the supply of currency in the system, that currency being the dollar.
In today's video, Gary Savage discusses current trends in energy and gold.
Investors want to know: will it be recession, inflation, or both? The unfortunate answer is that it will be mostly a surprise because surprise is the main theme of a war cycle, and the world is in the 2021-2025 war cycle now.
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The King James Bible mentions gold 417 times. Not once does it mention a paper currency.
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