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NEW YORK (March 31) Gold gained $150 in March — its best month since July 2020. And with analysts seeing markets contradicting the Fed's... Read More
NEW YORK (March 31) The dollar index is ending with a decline for the fourth of the last five weeks, almost completely erasing the gains... Read More
NEW YORK (March 31) US February core PCE inflation ran at 4.6%, which is a tad lower than the economists' consensus of 4.7% and a sign of... Read More

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The gold miners’ stocks have mostly ground higher over the past half-year, forging a new upleg.  Their fortunes have been dominated by traders gaming the Fed’s extreme tightening cycle, which has really bullied around gold.  Despite these crazy sentimental and...
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While it has been leading US and global markets, along with commodities to the upside since late 2022, gold’s real value is not found in its price at any given juncture (we will cover technical price projections in future articles). Gold’s value is found in the very...

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In this extensive and now English-translated, interview with Jan Kneist of Investor Talk, Matterhorn Asset Management principal, Matthew Piepenburg, addresses the critical themes of the ongoing banking crisis. In this substantive, 21-minute conversation, Piepenburg...
Given its role as the world’s primary reserve currency, the importance of the US dollar in the global economy cannot be understated. It’s estimated as many as 90% of all international trades involve the greenback.
Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Credit Suisse, First Republic, and now Deutsche Bank; the list grows longer and soon it will be too bothersome to list them all.
Gold is on the cusp of a major breakout from its super-bullish cup and handle pattern. The measured upside target is $3000/oz, and the log target is roughly $4000/oz.
Many depositors were shocked by the SVB collapse, which, in our opinion, demonstrates that the majority of them are ignorant of serious systemic risks in the U.S. banking system.

The 2021-2025 war cycle and bank crisis headlines make it easy for investors to lose their gold market focus.

As the Federal Reserve has hiked rates from 0% to over 4.75%, the average interest rate on bank deposits has remained low, around the FDIC's national average for savings accounts of 0.37%. This has led many to ask the simple question.
The price of gold rose as the dollar weakened for a sixth straight day, writes Bloomberg, with traders betting that the Federal Reserve’s aggressive monetary-tightening cycle is nearing an end. Data on Thursday showed U.S. initial jobless claims unexpectedly declined...
Banking is in a league of its own when it comes to government subsidies, special privileges, and bailouts.
Gold cracked $2,000 an ounce on Monday for the first time in a year, as metal traders reacted to Sunday’s news that a deal was reached for UBS to buy Credit Suisse.
From bond markets to border wars, the world is openly and objectively tilting toward disaster. Many of us already know this, but what can be done?
When I refer to Fed chairman Powell or to the Fed governors, collectively, as morons, I’m not suggesting that readers take this characterization literally. Indeed, most of them have IQs that are probably twice the 51-70 range that would categorize a person clinically...
As on occasion we do, let's start with stocks, in opening with one of our infamous pop quizzes: Ready?
In the hierarchy of money gold is superior to fiat money. From an historical perspective the past decades have been characterized by trust in fiat money, whereby fiat made up the lion share of global international reserves.
Two Friday’s ago, when I sent out my last article, the Dow Jones was at a BEV of -13.29%. Two weeks later it has advanced by 0.89% BEV points, or 327.89 in dollar terms over the last ten NYSE trading sessions. It’s as if everyone is just fooling around under the BEV -...
There are multiple threats to the financial system that are currently in play, and one of the biggest is the risk of a Eurodollar crisis or collapse. The world had two close calls with systemic bank failures in 2008, one was derivatives and the other was Eurodollars.
As interest rates show signs of peaking, the gold prices are nearing new all-time highs. The gold market hit the $2,000 level this week and showed resilience following the Federal Reserve’s quarter point rate hike announcement. As of this Friday recording the monetary...
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The naturally occurring gold-silver alloy is called electrum.
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