Our Dollar – Now A ‘Metaphysical’ Unit $$$$$$$!

December 2, 2016

Money is now a ‘no thing’ unit ($$$$$$$) created by select bankers from their thinking. The unit emerges from a banker’s consciousness (and then gets typed into a computer screen) and this means the unit is ‘no thing’ (nothing). The unit circulates from computer screen to computer screen via electro-magnetic frequencies (at near the speed of light). Some call this unit a ‘digital’ money unit and others call it a ‘cyber’ money unit. All this has occurred within the past 20 years (mostly). Our world is rapidly being converted into a cyber marketplace where money and value are ‘metaphysical’ concepts. Let’s think on this issue for additional understanding!

Today, I can trade with my smart phone via practically any on-line brokerage firm. My choice for now is Fidelity Investments and TDAmeritrade. I pay my bills with my smart phone. I buy products with my smart phone. I do research with my smart phone. All my savings are now stored within computer screens located at various venues on this planet (cyberspace and/or the cloud is the ‘name’ often used for where my money is being stored). The entire planet is gradually being converted to cyberspace (the metaphysical cyber cloud)…and ‘virtual’ units of money are what our banksters now desire for everyone. Why is this trend ominous for our freedom, our privacy, and our prosperity?

Banksters can now create, monitor, control, and manipulate all these virtual/cyber money units with their computer algorithms and robotic trading software. Today, our ‘prices’ are set mostly by trading algorithms which operate at the speed of light and via HFT platforms. High Frequency trading allows traders and their algorithms to manipulate our cyber ‘prices’ in micro-seconds and/or milliseconds. A trader with a computer and a trading algorithm can use an automated trading robot to enter and exit trades and then accept or cancel trades in milliseconds (all these transactions affect our ‘prices’). All this trading affects ‘price discovery’ in the marketplace as trading algorithms trade with counter-party trading algorithms (continually). How does this work?

What happens is that ‘price’ discovery is constantly manipulated (actually rigged) with all this automated trading by HFT computers. Humans are not actually setting our cyber prices today. HFT computers with trading algorithms are setting our ‘prices’ (mostly). I witness this daily in all our commodity markets, our stock markets, and our derivative markets. Trading algorithms can slam the ‘price’ of silver or gold or oil in milliseconds and cause domino reactions among other algo traders (using similar software). This is done daily by trading algorithms and coded computer software. All this is machine driven and without any human oversight (mostly). Is any of this representative of Capitalism or Free Market Trading? Not in my view!

Today, we do not have any real FREE markets on this planet. Trading algorithms now create our ‘prices’ (mostly). Supply and Demand pricing (via human negotiation) has been replaced by computers, algorithms, and electronic transactions. Humans cannot enter and exit trades in milliseconds or micro-seconds. Only computers which react to speed of light frequencies can accomplish these transactions. This reality allows for our Central Banksters (who now have trading facilities operating behind closed doors) to monitor, control, manage, and rig all our markets for their benefit. Our markets are now mostly rigged and manipulated by Central Banksters and their trading proxies. Who is aware?

Few seem to comprehend what has happened in just the past 20+ years. Our money has become ‘metaphysical’ (as it is a mere ‘bit’ within the computer screen). A ‘bit’ is a unit of information attached to a photon of light which emerges from computer algorithms (operating at the speed of light). Money creation is a ‘mental’ procedure accomplished by banksters operating behind closed doors (mostly). Banksters think up ‘numbers’ in their mind (consciousness) and then enter these ‘numbers’ (as official legal tender) in their computer. Banksters then circulate and control our markets with these ‘numbers’ (it’s called Central Bank Monetary Policy).

All this cyber money and the bankster operations is leading to a world of ‘enslavement’. The perpetrators are a few unelected administrators (operating behind closed doors). The best example of this cyber manipulation and rigging goes by the symbol/name QE (for ‘quantitative easing’). QE is really nothing but ‘official’ counterfeiting of our money units (as no physical wealth underlies these operations). Central banksters now manage, monitor, control, and manipulate all our electronic markets for their benefit. Today we have a global (interconnected) marketplace of computer driven transactions. There are some 45 electronic exchanges on our planet which are all ‘interconnected’ and operating 24/7. These electronic exchanges have replaced the human ‘outcry’ (open pit) system.

Trading and electronic manipulation is now a 24/7 operation. Central Banks are at the highest level when it comes to rigging our cyber marketplace. Is it now time to change this phony/cyber system which is gradually ‘enslaving’ the entire planet? Money is the ‘life-blood’ of all commerce and those who control this item can use it for good and/or for ill. Today, I witness this item being used mostly for ‘ill’. We need to change this situation by first of all understanding what has transpired. Take the time to read and do some research on your own on this issue. I have written countless missives on this issue over the past 8 years.

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Throughout history the ruling class has always sought to own gold and silver because they represent purity and longevity.

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