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A year ago at this time, there were few analysts who thought the Fed would be raising interest rates any time soon. And I'm not sure if there were any that expected the Fed would be raising rates as aggressively has they have.
The latest CPI report was released this morning, and once again, the inflation numbers showed that despite the Federal Reserve's interest rate increases, prices are still rising.
As tensions remain high between Russia and the western NATO nations, the eastern countries continue to import gold, while also making arrangements to set up their own exchanges and infrastructure.
While the mainstream media in the US seems to rarely talk about the gold and silver markets, it was interesting to see a report by CNBC's Jim Cramer address how now could be the time to buy gold.Cramer mentions how the banks have been...
After a decade of low-interest rates, the Federal Reserve has surprised the market not only with its interest rate hikes but also with the aggressiveness of the pace. Many market watchers (admittedly myself included) thought the Fed would...
Last year the Basel III regulations went into effect, with many expecting an impact on the gold and silver prices.Obviously we haven't seen gold and silver shoot higher as some thought, although in today's call I checked in with Alasdair...
With the Fed’s latest policy meeting coming up this Wednesday, where they’re largely expected to raise interest rates by another 75 basis points, where does that leave gold and silver?
Throughout the recent gold and silver selloff, one standout feature has been that the banks continue to buy back futures contracts.
With a lot of skepticism around the integrity of the pricing of the gold and silver contracts, it was interesting to see a former bullion banking insider recently speak out about his own experience regarding how the paper contracts are...
We've seen this movie before. Asset prices deflate, the #dollar spikes as companies scramble to service their dollar debt, #silver and #gold sell-off, and Europe finds itself in another financial crisis.

Gold is the official state mineral of Alaska.

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