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The Federal Reserve held its latest policy meeting yesterday, followed by another press conference from Fed chair Jerome Powell.
After a year and rally that pushed the gold and silver prices higher, the precious metals have been off to a slow start in 2024 with both metals lower on the year.
In recent years we've seen many of the traditional buyers of US treasuries cut back on their holdings. But what are they buying instead?
Over the past 2 years the financial markets have watched the Federal Reserve raise interest rates over 5%, while at the same time the Treasury is pumping out debt faster than ever.
Despite a strong finish to 2023, the gold and silver prices have been under pressure to start 2024. Especially today, as gold is $30 lower while silver is down by 80 cents.
There's a corner of the gold market that gets very little coverage, as for years the The Bank for International Settlements (the BIS) has been conducting gold swaps.
While 2023 has likely seemed like a volatile year for gold and silver investors (especially for those invested in the mining stocks) the gold price is on track to close in positive territory on the year, and silver is still about a dollar...
A week after seeing gold reach a new all-time high above the $2,100 per ounce mark, the price has come back in and is hovering right around the $2,000 level as of Tuesday morning.
The gold price is off of its all time highs that it set on Friday of last week, and again on Sunday night. But it's still trading over the $2,000 mark, and about $200 higher than where it stood during early October.
Following the spike in gold and #silver prices on the far east open in Asia on Sunday night, both metals have sold off through Monday and Tuesday.

In the Aztec language the name for gold is teocuitlatl which means "excrement of the gods."

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