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The latest CPI report was released this morning, which showed lower inflation than was expected by Wall Street. Which sent the stock, bond, and precious metals markets higher, as traders priced in a higher probability that the Federal...
Last week the World Gold Council announced that the central banks set a quarterly record for gold buying at 399 tons during the 3rd quarter. Yet the report also mentioned that a substantial amount of gold was also bought by central banks...
With western governments consolidating more control over their constituents over the last few years, while they get ready to roll out central bank digital currencies, more and more people are looking for ways to safely protect their assets.
While the Federal Reserve is hiking interest rates and hedge funds are selling paper gold and silver, physical metal continues to flow to the east.
The Federal Reserve has been hiking interest rates at a 75 basis point clip in an effort to bring down soaring inflation in the US. But will it work?
The Federal Reserve has been hiking interest rates all year in hopes of bringing down the rampant inflation that has soared in the US and throughout the world.
While there's increasing attention placed on the benefits of owning physical precious metals, what doesn't get as much discussion are the tax policies surrounding gold and silver investing. So in today's show I'm joined by Nathan Wilson...
With a Federal Reserve meeting this Tuesday and Wednesday, where they're largely expected to raise the Fed funds rate either 75 or 100 basis points, the bigger question is how far the Fed will ultimately take rates.
A year ago at this time, there were few analysts who thought the Fed would be raising interest rates any time soon. And I'm not sure if there were any that expected the Fed would be raising rates as aggressively has they have.
The latest CPI report was released this morning, and once again, the inflation numbers showed that despite the Federal Reserve's interest rate increases, prices are still rising.

India and the U.S. trump Italy as top gold jewelry exporters.

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