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Following the spike in gold and #silver prices on the far east open in Asia on Sunday night, both metals have sold off through Monday and Tuesday.
While the price of gold still sits below the $2,000 per ounce level in the US (although it's about $20 closer to that level following this morning's rally after the CPI was released), gold has been setting new all-time highs in many of the...
While the price of gold has come in this week, it has rallied slightly on Thursday morning trading, and still remains within shouting distance of the $2,000 mark. And one reason that the price has performed as strongly as it has, is that...
Both gold and silver sold off sharply in October following Jerome Powell's commentary at the Fed's September policy meeting, but have rebounded in the past few weeks amidst geopolitical and treasury supply concerns.
The latest central bank gold purchase figures are out, and they show that central banks just set a record for the amount of gold they've purchased over the first 3 quarters of a year.
As the US (and foreign) deficits and debt-loads continue to surge to levels that were once unimaginable, the recognition of the value of precious metals as an asset class is increasing at an accelerating rate.
In the past 3 years we've seen the gold price break the $2,000 level on several occasions. Yet each time it's come back in, leaving many wondering what it will finally take for a decisive breakthrough that finally leaves the $2,000 level...
For years, Jim Willie has warned about an exodus out of the US bond market, and at the rate yields have soared over the past month, we may be seeing the beginning stages of such an event.
The big news over the past week and a half has been the new conflict in the Middle East following the attack on Israel. And in the days since the attack, the situation has hardly de-escalated, while the financial markets have begun to...
As Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve have raised interest rates over the past year and a half, there's been an inverted yield curve, which left longer term rates at less pronounced levels.

India is perennially the world’s largest gold consumer.

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