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If you’ve been waiting for signs of the apocalypse, look no further. Because the CFTC has actually responded to Marcus’ comments, in this shocking #silver update!
Apparently, CFTC acting commissioner Behnam has made additional comments about who’s involved in setting some of the futures market guidelines…and to find out who else is involved, please click to watch the video now!
If you think the things that Ben Bernanke and Jerome Powell say sound ridiculous, have you ever actually taken the time to watch Nixon’s “closing the gold window” speech again after all you’ve learned in recent years?
Will surging inflation push gold price higher? Luckily I’m joined by Marco Roque of Cassiar Gold to talk about it… So to find out, click to watch the video now!
There have been several headlines in the past week suggesting that investors are selling gold because the yield on the US Treasury has risen above the whopping level of 1%.
Even with gold and silver prices off their highs of the year, the mining companies are still making a lot of money at current levels.
One of the primary concerns many gold and silver investors hold is whether the government will attempt to confiscate precious metals like back in 1933. Fortunately, silver expert Scott Craig of The Silver Independent joined me on the show...
It’s not a surprise that the gold price is rising given what the Fed is doing to the dollar. As Andrew Maguire explains, gold is the anti-dollar.
For years, gold investors watched as the Federal Reserve and central banks around the globe printed money at incredible rates.
Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics speaks with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable about what investors can do to prepare for economic uncertainty.

In the Aztec language the name for gold is teocuitlatl which means "excrement of the gods."

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