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This article is my third in a series examining the historical importance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The DJIA may be an outdated metric to some, but no other measurement of the American stock market spans three centuries....
From 1885 to 2008, (123 years) the Dow Jones Industrial Average, (DJIA*) has fallen -40% from a bull market high on only nine occasions. Such deep bear markets are always historic and distressing. Using my “Bear’s Eye View” (BEV) chart...
Part 2: Stock Earnings & Dow Jones Industrial Average  
Drug addiction is precisely the correct analogy of what has happened to the world’s capital markets during the Greenspan’s Chairmanship of the Federal Reserve.
In September of 2007, after 27 years the Barron's Gold Mining Index (BGMI) hit a new all time high of 1326.09 surpassing its October 1980's all time high of 1285.16.
This article was written for the benefit of those who have only recently become interested in gold, but will also be of interest to long time investors in gold. This is a review of gold as money in the past, gold as it might be in the...

Goldschläger and Goldwasser are liqueurs containing pure gold flakes.

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