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Stewart Thomson

President of Graceland Investment Management

Stewart Thomson is president of Graceland Investment Management (Cayman) Ltd. Stewart was a very good English literature student, which helped him develop a unique way of communicating his investment ideas.  He developed the “PGEN”, which is a unique capital allocation program. It is designed to allow investors of any size to mimic the action of the banks.  Stewart owns GU Trader, which is a unique gold futures/ETF trading service, which closes out all trades by 5pm each day. High net worth individuals around the world follow Stewart on a daily basis.  Website:

Stewart Thomson Articles

Switzerland loves bunkers and Switzerland loves gold. The simple difference between the Swiss government and the US government is that the Swiss government loves to prepare its citizens for hardship, and America’s government leaves its...
Tuesdays are often a weak day for gold.  Where there is weakness there is opportunity, but is that opportunity here today? Gold is in a trading range between $1670 and $1785, and I believe the odds of an upside breakout are about 67%.
The US stock market is once again in imminent danger of a major collapse. The disturbing daily chart of the Dow Index. A rally towards resistance has taken the shape of a bear wedge. The rally failed to even reach that resistance zone, and...
Another “Golden Week” Is Underway…And Both The Miners And Bullion Are Off To A Great Start! Gold bullion ETF purchases are soaring. For the SPDR fund (GLD-NYSE), total tonnage has moved above the key 1000 tonnes marker.
Gold bullion, the world’s “queen of assets”, has a majestic upside breakout from a large inverse H&S bull continuation pattern.
Gold is majestically postured now, because America’s government and central bank continues to borrow, spend, and print money with surreal intensity.
I said yesterday morning that amidst all the Corona War mayhem, a move over $1550 for gold would be incredibly positive. The spectacular gold chart.$1550 is now support!
The Corona war intensifies, and now the enemy has an air force!Health organizations like WHO are declaring the enemy virus airborne. Pathetic Western governments and central banks are fighting back with the only weapons they have; more...
​“He will lose the election, that’s for sure…Ford lost to Carter after the 1973 oil shock, Carter lost to Reagan due to the second oil crisis in 1979, and Bush lost to Clinton after the Kuwait invasion. The Democratic field is poor, but...
The US stock market is in “sleigh ride” mode against gold stocks. Yesterday was another day of disappointment, fear, and outright terror… for most investors who are locked in the Dow versus GDX sled. The disintegration of the US stock...

One ounce of gold is so ductile it can be drawn into a wire 50 miles long

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