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Don Durrett

Don is an expert gold and silver mining stock analyst, author, and founder/owner of – a website for gold and silver mining stock data. He is the author of How to Invest in Gold and Silver: A Complete Guide with a Focus on Mining Stocks. He is a contributing analyst on and a frequent guest on internet financial podcasts. 

Don Durrett Articles

This article is for investors who already own a gold/silver mining stock and are considering adding more. Or, perhaps a savvy investor who is comfortable with risk tolerance and has a general understanding of the gold/silver mining sector.
Here is the list of thirty stocks that I would include in my gold and silver miner ETF. Ever since GDXJ removed most of their junior and low cap mid-tier producers, there really isn't a junior or mid-tier gold mining ETF.
Here is my list of 10 gold and silver miners that I like a lot and have recently dropped in price due to this sell-off in stocks. Looking at the Upside Rating column, you will see that 2.5 is the lowest number. That means I expect these...
This is a long article. It's an educational article and a must read for anyone who invests in gold and silver mining stocks. If you have been analyzing gold and silver mining stocks for more than five years, then perhaps you can skip it....
Gold is currently showing some strength, with a price over $1600. However, there is still a lot of paper gold selling (where the spot price is determined), and there is no clear direction in price. In fact, I have been saying all year that...
Gold has been discovered on every continent on earth.

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