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Bear Markets always follow Bull markets and a severe stock market correction is long overdue. Bears Lair will spot, monitor and analyze the stock market correction as it develops.


In the last "Midas," I reported that several sources had told me that the Federal Reserve was "jawboning" futures commission merchants not to pressure firms to deliver gold.

Here's an update from my last piece, "No Way Out", in which I postulated that the leasing scam in gold and silver would soon come apart and we would have a market event similar to what occurred in the stock market in Oct 1987, whic

A lot of shorts must be wondering why the European Central Bankers decided to limit their Gold sales to not more than 400 tons per year for the next five years.

Pinch me quick and tell me I'm not dreaming. How can this be? Fourteen European central banks plus even the English Poodle announce that they will restrict gold sales and lending for the next five years.

The European central banks moratorium on gold sales limits aggregate sales to 2,000 tons over five years and 400 tons per year and specifically excludes "already decided sales." The ban includes the UK and Switzerland.

Chart Symmetry is designed around the observation that prices tend to change direction along certain preferred gradients. New readers are advised to read the first article in this series to discover how Chart Symmetry works.

A former professional football player and commodity trader named Bill Murphy is shaking things up in the gold markets and perhaps in the boardrooms of some of the most powerful bankers in America too. Mr.

Aftershocks following Tuesday's Wall Street circus . .

As the world's central bankers make ready to shove gold off the cliff, their odds of getting away with murder have never appeared more remote.

A senior member of the Japanese ruling party and unofficial advisor to PM Keiza Obuchi, suggested Japan should use excess dollars in its foreign reserves to buy gold from the IMF.

Spot Gold $266 up $1.80

Spot Silver $5.26 unchanged


When I first started extensively researching the Year 2000 Problem ("Y2K") in early 1998, the extraordinary magnitude and ramifications of the Y2K challenge to modern society hit me with breathtaking impact.

The only purchasers of the Bank of England's gold sale were the 12 market makers and 50 ordinary members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Markets have shown no signs of broadening-out. . not only now, but during the entire year as a whole. Given our annual forecast, not just our shorter-term assessments, this isn't surprising.

The following is a statement issued this week by the Princeton Economic Institute, which defends the recently arrested financial analyst Martin Armstrong.

Nine months ago the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee developed an action plan and we have stuck with it. It was patterned after the "enveloping horn" strategy of Shaka, the famed South African Zulu warrior of old.

Fabian was excited as he once more rehearsed his speech for the crowd certain to turn up tomorrow. He had always wanted prestige and power and now his dreams were going to come true.

Selling into a benign CPI rally. .

Last month an analysis of monthly charts showed that gold was near support in dollar terms as well as in Yen. Given the strength of the Yen, the latter finding is particularly important as is explained later.

After the Problems Of 1980s, The Easy Money 1990s Helped Create A Stock Market Bubble. Then, The Fed Got Worried.

Money & Debt

Every now and then a market comes along which presents so few clues as to its preferred trend that it becomes almost impossible interpret until a decisive breakout occurs. The present market is just such an example.

Many people, like myself, consider the Internet one of mankind's greatest technological marvels.

panicn1 : a sudden overpowering fright; esp : a sudden unreasoning terror often accompanied by mass flight 2 : a sudden widespread fright concerning financial affairs and resulting in a depression of values

The outlook for precious metals and precious metals stocks remains mixed, and bearish overtones continue to hang over the market to be sure. But based on our reading of the tape there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The broad U.S. equities market continues to display serious technical weakness on a short-term and intermediate-term basis, but the bulls of Wall Street continue to fight to keep the bull market intact.

It is fascinating to me that much of what we have covered at the Cafe over the past year is starting to synchronize and boil over.

What a day! Goldman Sachs sat on the gold market (what else is new?), as gold rallied only $1.10 while the dollar swooned again, bond yields rose, and the stock market dived.

The only purchasers of the Bank of England's gold sale were the 12 market makers and 50 ordinary members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

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Nevada accounts for 75% of U.S. gold production.

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