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December 28, 1999

Murphy's Law will be at full strength when the clock strikes midnight on Friday. For the guidance of investors and market-watchers, here are my predictions of the top U.S.

December 24, 1999

Holiday focuses . .

I would like to dedicate my end of the millennium crystal gazing to the Gold-Eagle Forum, its managers and faithful contributors, to Harry Schultz, Frank Veneroso, Bill Murphy, Ted Butler and the many others, who are doing so much to bri

December 23, 1999
December 22, 1999

The manipulation continues unabated. The Dutch central bank has announced it intends to sell 300 tons of its gold reserves over the next five years. Nederlandsche Bank will sell 100 tons initially and then 200 tons over five years.

December 19, 1999

In the 1970's a very courageous gentleman named Edward Durrell claimed that substantially all of the US Gold Reserve being stored at Ft. Knox was gone. Only 1,000 tonnes or so of the 8,500 tonnes supposedly being stored there remained.

December 17, 1999

Huge, almost neurotic, volume and swings . . . are in harmony with our call for Wednesday's action, but belie the underlying nervousness that increasingly is prevailing in the stock markets.

December 14, 1999

Dear Chairman Greenspan and Secretary Summers:

December 13, 1999

We assume all you readers are well aware of the September actions of the European Central bankers in regard to future gold sales, leasing, futures or options.

By definition, a market bubble is not a very obvious affair. If the man on the street begins to see what by all accounts is a bubbly market, he will act rationally, or so the academics believe, and find a safer haven for his savings.

December 10, 1999

In my last article, I publicly accused at least six financial firms of fraud and manipulation, for their dealings in the precious metals derivatives arena. I'm still here.

December 9, 1999

Overweight "discipline" and recognizing building risk . .

Western central banks are in panic mode. No other interpretation can be put on the announcement yesterday of further Dutch gold sales of 300 metric tons.

December 8, 1999

Come January the biggest post-holiday markdowns in the retail sector may be on Wall Street, not Main Street.

Studies addressing the occurrence and causes of cycles in the financial markets in recent years have tended to place a strong emphasis on the supposed causative effect of mass psychology.

December 6, 1999

Just when gold stock investors thought they were dealt a winning hand, we get blood in the streets instead. As of this December 3rd writing we find POG at around $282, still up from the $255 area of last summer.

The traditional method of conquering another nation has been via warfare. It's a dangerous method, and leaves the victor with a seriously impaired property to manage after the war is over.

If I recall history correctly, it was a Venezuelan who fathered the concept of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) about 25 or so years ago.

December 2, 1999

Beginning of month buying . .

The bull market continues to rage ahead in the OTC market, but is by no means broad-based. This market has become extremely narrow and the leaders are few.


Appendix A: Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory.

Recent history and the current market bubble.


November 30, 1999

Despite what have appeared to be indications of an imminent change to this most difficult environment, the historic stock market dislocation continues.

November 26, 1999
November 23, 1999

U.S. markets continued soaring into the stratosphere last week as the "melt-up" continued to exert its influence on key stock market sectors, particularly the OTC stocks.

November 22, 1999

In this article, I attempt to raise and level new specific accusations in the ongoing gold and silver manipulation. Before I articulate my new allegations, let me summarize what I've said to date.

From an historical perspective, the possibility that the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the gold price could converge at around $3000, i.e., the Dow at 3000 and gold at US$3000/oz. sometime in the next decade is quite supportable.

November 18, 1999

T-Bond action foretold the reversal . . . or so we thought late Tuesday.

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