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15 hours ago
USA (Jan 18)  In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., all US markets and banks will be closed on January 18, 2021…but will reopen Tuesday,... Read More
12 hours ago
New York (Jan 18)  Gold (0.42%) and silver (1.16%) are both trading higher at the start of the week leading into the EU open. Risk... Read More
15 hours ago
London (Jan 18)  Are you planning to buy Gold or Silver? Should you invest now or wait? How to maximise gains from investments in Gold and... Read More

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My team prepares Custom Valuations Index charts to understand how capital is being deployed in the global markets alongside US Dollar and Treasury Yields. The purpose of the Custom Index charts in this article is to provide better insight into and understanding of...
SPX is undergoing a short-term correction most likely consisting of two phases with the first one ending Tuesday or Wednesday around 3730, although it may push down to 3690 right away. This should be followed by a rebound and another decline into the end of the month.
The Constitution of the United States is an awesome document that has stood the test of time, despite having been amended a number of times to allow for changing circumstances, much of these related to individual rights and privacy.

The ADL Predictive Modeling system is suggesting a moderate melt-up in Gold prices – targeting the $2200 to...

During my holiday break the Dow Jones continued advancing. Not as if it were on fire, but it did make six new BEV Zeros in the BEV chart below, and remained within 1% of one every day since December 18th.
Gold was sheared this past week by -1.2% and is now -3.9% year-to-date. Silver was smeared this past week by -2.6% and is now -6.4% year-to-date. But relax: have a cracker 'n schmear, perhaps even a beer, and we'll try to relate to make it all clear.
It was several months ago in the midst of heated and widely-accepted civil disobedience, looting, and civic trespassing by members of Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement that I opined that the “demonstrations” (as opposed to “armed insurrections”) in cities like...
The $4.5 trillion increase in the U.S. national debt in 2020 was so large as to be almost incomprehensible for the average person. Yet, every dollar of the new debt was entirely real. It will likely be with us for the rest of our lifetimes, and may profoundly change...
As investors await the incoming Biden administration and the uncertainties that a transition of power may bring, precious metals markets regained some ground through Thursday’s close but have pulled back again on Friday, especially silver and platinum.
Gold plummeted last Friday, dragging silver and their miners’ stocks down with it. That was reminiscent of another brutal down day in early November. While certainly uncommon, sharp selloffs naturally freak out traders crushing any bullish sentiment. Serious gold down...
When equity markets entered the bear market territory in early 2020, several investors would have bet on gold prices to move significantly higher. While gold touched a record price of $2,070.05 per ounce in August, it has lost momentum since then to currently trade at...
Today is a prime example of why it was necessary to use tight stops on gold and silver. Preservation of capital is crucial. The odds were against eight consecutive years of the precious metals having a strong continuous run in January/February. The initial Sequential 7...
Hurray! The disastrous year of 2020, which brought about the COVID-19 pandemic , the Great Lockdown , and the economic crisis , is over! Now, the question is what will 2021 be like – both for the U.S. economy and the gold market.
Gold/SPX indicated the excess and the gold miners are correcting that excess. In and around the August time frame we noted (in NFTRH) high risk to the gold miners because the price of HUI had gotten a million miles ahead of gold’s ratio to the stock market. That was...
Now that the US has elected a new president who will appoint a new administration, we must forget recent political events and focus on future economic and monetary policies. It is a statement of the obvious that President-elect Biden and his new Treasury Secretary will...
There have been several headlines in the past week suggesting that investors are selling gold because the yield on the US Treasury has risen above the whopping level of 1%.
The price of gold remains at $1,850, and the key drivers are higher bond yields and a stronger risk appetite. Last week, the yellow metal tanked below $1,900 again, and it hasn’t rebounded since the plunge – instead, the price of gold has stayed at around $1,850.
In today’s fourteen–minute MAMChat, Matterhorn Asset Management principals Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg discuss recent, headline-making swings in the global gold market and political landscape.
Well, here we go again. It's January, so that means it's annual forecast time—that time of year when I walk the plank knowing full well I may end up plunging into the sea. And for what reason? I'm not sure. The screenshot below is taken from the opening paragraph of...
The traditional Chinese New Year “firecracker rally” for gold may be a dud this year, but investors who followed my “buy into $1788 and sell some into $1966” recommendation are in great shape.
Yield Curve steepens under inflationary pressure while Gold’s monthly chart patiently builds its Handle. Another week, another yield curve steepener and continuation of the trend that began in August, 2019.
The total world's holdings of gold could be transported by a single solitary oil tanker.
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