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Enough is enough. No market can decline without correcting every now and then. And both gold and the USDX point to an upcoming reversal. Let’s start with gold.
Gold stocks just closed at a new 2023 low! Not only that – miners declined more than gold while silver was “strong.” That’s a VERY bearish combo.
Looking at gold from the short-term point of view, we see that it paused for a brief moment at its 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level. Some will even say that there was a “big reversal”…
In all likelihood – yes. Then it’s likely to slide more – much more. With this pace (chart courtesy of, gold could move below $1,800 in no time.
It’s the Fed interest rate decision day, and the markets are holding their breath, awaiting the uncertain. However, charts already suggest the answer.
Gold has fallen and appears to be on its way to invalidating the recent breakout. What happens when it slips below $1,900?Gold Moved LowerIn a recent extra Gold Trading Alert, I wrote that gold would be likely to invalidate Friday’s (Jan....
Before starting today’s analysis, I would like to emphasize that we might see some erratic price movements with regard to the USD Index – gold link. The reason is that today is the day when the news from Europe hits the market. The ECB...
Between 2020 and now, quite a lot happened, quite a lot of money was printed, and we saw a war breaking out in Europe. Yet gold failed to rally to new highs. Gold Had Chances.
Gold started this year with a quick rally, but it was mostly erased. It’s still above its mid-2022 high, but will it stay there for much longer?
The USD Index is a key driver of gold prices (apart from real interest rates). How much strength has it shown recently? In yesterday’s analysis, I compared the current situation in the precious metals to the one in stocks that we saw last...

Gold is the world’s oldest and most known currency.

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