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New York (Jun 19)  Gold struggled for traction in choppy trading on Friday en route to its worst week in over a year as the dollar extended... Read More
New York (Jun 18) - Gold struggled for direction in choppy trading on Friday en route to its worst week in nine months as the dollar... Read More
Washington (Jun 18)  A hawkish shift from the Federal Reserve has woken up a slumbering dollar, sending the U.S. currency to its highest... Read More

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Well, precious metals markets got absolutely slammed on Thursday. The selling rout followed statements put out by the Federal Reserve suggesting that tapering and rate hikes could come sooner than previously expected.
Here are today's videos and charts.  The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers.
Gold was crushed this week following the latest Federal Open Market Committee decision.  While the Fed didn’t taper quantitative easing or hike interest rates, Fed officials’ predictions of future rates proved more hawkish than expected.  That ignited a powerful US-...

The last two gold bull cycles, culminating in peaks in 1980 and 2011, were both followed by a price correction and then a multi-year consolidating pattern. However, The highs of last year do not indicate a multi-year peak, as gold is still in a long-term bull trend...

Wilhelm Ropke said of economists, "They look at inflation through the wrong end of the telescope and deflation through a magnifying glass."  Proof of Ropke's observation can be found by reviewing what the Federal Reserve did in the 1920s and what it is doing now.  In...
Today gold is 0.7% lower. What about the other precious metals? Silver is 1.2% lower, platinum is 1.4% lower and palladium is 1.9% lower today. So precious metals are lower this morning.
We all know that we are supposed to “sell in May and go away”. Everyone says so. And so far in 2021, that looks like the operative strategy, since stock prices have been chopping sideways, just like they are supposed to.
For the most part, after 20 years of researching, investing in and trading the precious metals sector, I have learned to live with the oppressive amount of official intervention in the precious metals market. There is evidence of said manipulations, including...
But think about it as you read in terms of what is unfolding in the United States financial and political system (note: sourced from Zerohedge;   Jens Parssons wrote a book title “Dying of Money:  Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations” published in 1974...
The coming 5-10 years are likely to see asset prices decline by at least 90% in real terms. Yes stocks, bonds and property prices will in coming years collapse. But that’s not enough, the whole structure of society will also fall. There will be no or negligible...
Over the past several months, we've written on multiple occasions about the issues and loopholes within the global unallocated gold market. This fractional reserve system risks collapse with every run on true physical metal, and recent events demand this update.
Let’s talk gold. The Federal Reserve meeting will be over today. Gold price has risen this quarter on the back of rising inflation and very high probability of sustained hyper-inflation. A weaker US dollar Index. Bond yield forming a long term top between March 2021...
I asked you in my last article if you were more concerned with name calling than with profiting from the market. So, I was wondering if you gave it any more thought, and if you had come to a conclusion?
I’ve been writing about the possibility of higher inflation for months, and now it looks to have finally made landfall. May’s headline consumer price index (CPI) came in at 5% year-over-year, the highest in over a decade.
The best performing precious metal for the week was silver, up 0.45%, but still finding resistance trying find a level above $28 to hold for the last month. De Beers has raised some rough-diamond prices by about 10%, as the world’s top producer cashes in on rampant...
The gold market is off its lows but still struggling in negative territory, finding little traction as data from the Federal Reserve of New York further highlighted the growing inflation threat.
In this 20-minute MAMChat, Matterhorn Asset Management principals Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg address the current and ever-evolving inflation narrative as well as its inter-relationship with interest rates.
Inflation is running white-hot right now, and the reason is clear. It is because the Treasury poured $6 trillion into the economy between March of 2020 to March of 2021. That amounts to nearly $50,000 per US family in the name of pandemic relief.
Since the start of the year, central banks have purchased over 4 million ounces of gold. April was a big month for central bank activity. Over half the amount of gold purchased in 2021 was in the month of April alone.
Economists — including those at the Fed — were surprised by inflation again. With their consensus view being that inflation for June would print at about a 4.7% increase year-on-year, inflation barreled in at 5%. That took us back to the kind of inflation we saw in...
Given the increasingly politicized interplay (cancer) of central bank policy and so-called free market price discovery, it’s becoming increasingly more important to track the actions of central bankers rather than just traditional market signals alone.
In the Aztec language the name for gold is teocuitlatl which means "excrement of the gods."
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