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Gold slides once again today, proving that yesterday’s $67 slide was not accidental. And it’s happening without a rally in the USD Index. So, yes, the price of the yellow metal can indeed move also down, not only up. And since the medium-...
Who would have thought that those markets are connected? They are. All right, bitcoin is an alternative to fiat currencies, just like gold and silver are, but what about tech stocks? What could they have in common with the precious metals...
Gold’s huge-volume reversal is definitely THE news that got the spotlight last week. What does it mean? It most likely means that “this is it”. This was the final top for the price of gold for at least some time. At least that’s what the...
We’ve got it! We have the breakout in the USD/YEN pair, and gold – in a completely unsurprising way – declined. And that IS a game-changer, even if many people fail to view it as such.
Gold is rallying regardless of what’s happening in other markets, and while there are signs of a top, gold appears to simply not care about them at the moment.
After a few years of having no trading positions in gold, I opened a long one. This might seem perplexing for those who read only free analyses from me and didn’t have the full picture – in the last few years I had long and short positions...
The recent two tops in gold were 9 trading days apart… Just like in 2011, and the similarity doesn’t end there.
The announcement of the week award goes to BoJ that just hiked rates for the first time in 17 years. Not without impact on gold.
Gold price is finally declining – that’s the biggest overnight slide in many days – times are changing – or are they? Let’s start with a quote from the analysis that I sent over the weekend:
Yes, gold price confirmed its breakout – in daily closing price terms. Yes, it is important. At the moment of writing these words, gold price is trading at about $2,161 – it’s new all-time highs in nominal terms, which is slightly higher...

Gold is using for heat dissipation in some cars.

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